Why do you enjoy writing humour?

It has been very quiet in the Humour club lately so I’m curious. Why do you write humour? What is it about this genre that you enjoy? Let me know below. :slight_smile:


I’m very tempted to reply with “Because it’s funny” - but I’ll try and give a serious answer.

Because comedy is like oil - any chef can tell you fat is a great medium for flavours - in the same way humor is the holden plater on which I can server a plate of fantasy and a glass of horror.

Humor is the genre where you can have a character be the most unlikable asshole and convey that in a medium which isn’t unpleasant to read.

You can make the readers feel emotionally attached to a character which would otherwise get your story called stupid and nonsensical.
So what if your character is a demon long trapped into the shape of a roomba by the god of order - while the readers are buys laughing about how funny the idea is you can plant character growth and before you know it the demon lord roomba is out sacrificing itself for the sake of it’s party in order to hold off an army of undead - and out of nowhere your readers are crying themselves to sleep over a roomba.

I guess what I’m trying to say it - it’s pretty funny.


On one level, I feel like it’s just how my mind works, seeing the silly things in life

On another level, I enjoy crafting jokes, setting them up and paying them off later. I like tweaking with the cadence so the joke will land. It’s a challenge, making something the funniest I can make it

And laughter is so good for us, physically and emotionally. Lifting up someone’s mood and lifting up their day, it’s a small way to improve the world

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i love laughing and i’m a very wacky and random person. just hoping i can make someone else laugh too

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The truth is that when I wrote my first story, I tried to be as serious about it as possible since it was loosely about societal issues. I shared it to my friends and they said that with the writing style and with how it was being presented, they considered it to be very funny. Since then, it kinda just stuck with me. Even then to this day, I’m not even writing stories to make people laugh. I’m mainly doing it to give out information and to present them issues.

I categorize my work as satire though since that seems to be the general consensus.