Why do you procrastinate writing?

I ask this question mainly out of curiosity, but I also think it’s an important thing for writers (and creative people in general) to talk about it. A common theme I see writers complaining about is their tendency to put off writing. Personally, I haven’t really found myself doing this much. As long as I like what I’m writing, I don’t put it off. Instead, I use my writing to procrastinate doing other work, like writing for a subject I’m not interested in :joy:
I think the first step to dealing with procrastination is to discover the cause. If you have a harder time with procrastinating, what causes it for you?

Because I have a habit of editing and writing at the same time. I’m not the kind of person who can just write and leave a sentence or two that I don’t like behind so I can keep going (not saying that’s what non-procrastinators do - this is more of a description of free writing, I guess). This isn’t to say that I skip the editing process, but I really have to love what I write.

I’ve been trying not to procrastinate, and the cause of my procrastination has become more obvious. I tried writing one chapter the other day. I kept reading over the beginning and disliking sentences, changing POVs, etc. Now, days later, I still don’t like what I wrote (the most recent rewrite was last night - it’s titled ‘Rewrite of a Rewrite 1’), and I have at least three rewrites.


I’d go with sheer laziness.

My depression probably isn’t helping, either.


Does putting in random movies help?

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But yeah, in all seriousness, I use these forums to procrastinate instead of writing.


I don’t try. I just get distracted >.<. Dang thats what I’m doing right now by going on the forums, isn’t it?

Yes, yes it is.

I like that cat btw… how do I change my profile picture on here again :thinking:

Change it under settings on Wattpad then log out and log back in here.

Click on your prophile icon and then click where your user is

I don’t mean to, but it seems like when I sit down to write, all the ideas fly away and hide.

The main reason why I do is because I don’t know how to start :sweat_smile: though also because laziness and distractions.


I just had to log out.

I blame the forums.

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Those, too.

Definitely the forums.

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I didn’t know if you changed it on Wattpad yet. :shrug:

I did. I just couldn’t figure out how to change it on here. Just needed to log out, so thanks.

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Yes, I excuse myself for the forums because r4rs… but it’s just cause laziness

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I procrastinate my writing, because I have other obligations like school and family. It’s not like I don’t take writing serious it’s these obligations that are my top priorities. And when I finally have free time I never seem to remember writing :joy:. But I need to like seriously go back and have a plan on what days to write so I can fit it into my schedule.


Because it doesn’t feel right when I sit down to write it, that it won’t be the best it could be.


I excuse myself for the forums because r4rs

I don’t even do that.