Why does the app have so many ads?



Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting unskippable video ads between every part/chapter.

Video ads that completely take over my screen with SOUND.

I wouldn’t mind if it was every few parts, but it’s gotten so excessive that I stopped reading on Wattpad.

I’ve tried reading on the browser version of Wattpad, but I can’t stay on Wattpad long before it directs me to a shady site with an even shadier pop-up. This has happened every time I’ve tried to read or reply to comments.

Can someone please tell me what’s going on? Thank you.


I know that like this is an actual issue because I’ve seen so many posts and just general conversation about it, but I swear I never have these issues… I’m starting to think I’m insanely lucky xD

But if ad’s really are that bad they do need to really do something about it-- I absolutely hate ads that redirect. They are annoying and then make Wattpad itself unsafe to use.

Safety or Money; That’s what the question boils down to for Wattpad.

But at some point when you start losing users. Safety = Money.

Wattpad isn’t one of the kind- There are other writing sites… This one just happens to be the best.


Here’s an example of the spammy stuff on the mobile browser:

I know it’s not my phone’s issue because it never does that with any other site.

Not to mention that it does this whenever I go on Wattpad, so… it’s definitely Wattpad.


I think it becomes an issue when a user spends more time looking at ads than actually READING.

Oh, and those redirect ads are annoying as all fuck. It makes me so wary of using Wattpad.


Wow, that looks virusy!


I noped* out of my browser, hit back on the page, and was able to read for a bit.

But if I tried to refresh or change the page, the redirecting ad would appear again.

*Closing the app completely and reopening it just to avoid pressing “OK”


Ublock origin might help with the desktop version.

Also, https://www.privacytools.io/ has some other good plugin options.


I’m not talking about the desktop version.

I’m talking about the app and browser.


See if you can get an Ad-Block browser for your phone, They have them in the app store sometimes. At least until this gets better :confused: I’ve never been one for Ad block but that’s a little ridiculous.


Maybe try the Beta version of the app? I have tried both apps and never got an ad. Only one-two times in the Beta but after that it stopped and it hasn’t shown again


Is the beta version opened to the public now? You used to have to be approved for closed testing.


Really? When I joined the Beta testing in the site I found the Beta version of the app and some friends that weren’t beta testers in the site founded it too


It’s been years since I applied to join- But before you could only apply and they had to approve it. There might be a way around it though xD I’m sure finding the site isn’t hard.


I joined in 2016, in the site you only need to check a small box in the Settings and you are in :’) Everyone can go Beta now


I’ve been here since 2012- The check box isn’t for the beta app it’s for the website.


Oh you mean for the app (sorry)
If you are an Android user it must show up in the Play Store if your search Wattpad or Wattpad Beta (it doesn’t have an Icon, it has a switch)


I’m an ios user, you have to like have this completely different setup on your phone for it.


To pay my salary :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: and hosting for millions of people + like a billion stories (we have to be over a billion now, right?)


add feedback_ads as tag :slight_smile:


Pop-up spam ads like the one you took a screenshot of should not be appearing! Anything that redirects you is not intentional and something you should definitely send in a Support ticket for: https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

And I’ve raised this to the ads team, thank you for the screenshot!

(Also, I’ve changed this to feedback_ads, just letting you know!)