Why Fanfiction?


I enjoy playing around with characters that belong to other people and heck, I like the lovely responses I get from my readers. It’s harder to make people care about characters they don’t know.


#1: Why do you write fanfiction?

For me, fanfiction gives me an easy escape from my day to day. It comes easier for me to disappear into an already made world than to have to look at one of my half built original worlds and wonder where I need to build next. I also love spending time with people who love the fandoms as much as I do. I’m a pretty introverted person, and this space allows me to breathe a little easier. I know that my readers care about my characters just as much as I do. It’s a really rewarding feeling.

#2: What’s the biggest problem that you have with fanfiction?

I’m fiercely proud of my writing. It’s a really big part of who I am, but when it comes to my fanfiction, I always have this feeling of dread that other people will judge me for it. And the rational part of me says, “who care what they think”. But then the nervous part of me clams up. Ugh…it’s hard.

#3: Best and worst experience with a fanfiction?

When I first discovered Wattpad, I remember scrolling through all the fanfictions and adding a ton to my library. I remember it was summer time, and I curled up into my bed to read. Before I knew it, I could all of a sudden hear birds chirping. I had stayed up literally all night reading! I smile back on that memory all the time.

The worst experience I had with a Fanfiction was when I was reading a story and after each update the author would state that she need so many reads, votes, and comments before she would even consider updating again. She was extremely aggressive about this fact. Often sending posts reminding all her readers that we hadn’t met her quotas. I just remember feeling awful whenever I saw her posts! I think some good came out of it though. I unfollowed her, stopped reading her story, and promised that I would try to cultivate a community on my page that didn’t care about all the numbers.


I feel that! My Walking Dead fanfic lets me kinda process all my emotions that have to do with the show! I don’t know how I would handle all my feelings if I couldn’t put them down on a page :smiley:


That’s very relatable!

Same. It really helps take you away from the stress of work/school.

Oh, that’s annoying! I really don’t like when people do that.


So, I haven’t added a question for a while, so here we go!

#5 What do you do when you start writing a fan-fiction, but then realize half-way through that you’ve lost that burst of inspiration?


I recently wrote my first Fanfiction and I had so much fun doing it! It was so exciting to be able to tell a story about characters I already loved and to get to develop them more. It felt like a safe way to “try my hand” at writing and I was so happy it got a positive response from my readers!

That being said, I am a big stickler for staying true to the characters in Fanfiction. I have a hard time getting past out-of-character writing, especially if it doesn’t seem like it serves a purpose in the story. I like to be able to recognize the characters I am reading. I wrote a Dramione Fanfic and spent a lot of time making sure I stayed true to the characters. I was very happy that many of my reviewers commented on that because then I knew I delivered.

Fanfiction is so much fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who is starting out. It gave me the confidence to start writing my own original stuff, and I’m also working on another Fanfiction as well just because I enjoy writing them.


Man, it’s just fun, isn’t it? :slight_smile: It’s just what I keep coming back to, year after year… I love the challenge of it, it’s a unique challenge in that you can skip most of the worldbuilding of other fiction (the world’s generally already built for you!), and focus more on character, and creating something unique and new from a well-traveled path, while still maintaining the spirit of your source material… I don’t know, it’s just a very different kind of storytelling from what I used to do, and it’s very rewarding for me :slight_smile: It’s also been kind of a comfort thing, personally; I can delve into characters I connected with when watching a movie, for instance. In doing so, I delve into my own emotions and experiences, on a level I maybe wouldn’t have a chance to do so otherwise.