why is it taking so long for people to get woke?



this is kind of a controversial topic. scratch that, it’s a very controversial topic. by posting this, i risk long debates with people who disagree with me. oh well. what better place to do that than in wattpad itself.

by the title, i mean many things. many issues. people saying derogatory things that they’re not in the right to say, people committing hate crimes because of someone’s ethnicity and beliefs etc. that’s why i made this discussion. discuss with me, stranger. i’m interested in what the civilians of wattpad have to say about world issues…

so there we have it. why is it taking so goddamn long for people to become woke?


Hm. I ask myself that question several times a week, usually when I’m frustrated again because someone flings their ignorance my way and refuses to acknowledge that they’re being a giant baby incapable of looking critically at themselves. :no_mouth:

I think when it’s the “good people from next door” (ha! good joke, how good can you really be when you discriminate?) they really just have some kind of… mental dissonance going on. No one wants to be the bad guy. We all are the protagonist in our own story, so to speak, and so it’s no wonder that most of us just think they’re in the right, and that any criticism is aimed at the person, not their actions.

I think this disconnect is what drives people on the wall most of the times. There are the people who are blatantly racist et.al, of course, who don’t care about marginalized groups at all. I have yet to understand the workings of their minds. I mean, how can one reasonably think they’re superior to another human being? Or even just the “standard”?

It’s just weird and creepy and supremacist. I don’t understand what people get from hating or even just alienating others. Sounds exhausting.

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That said, we all have to learn. I’ve been learning for about ten years now, and I don’t nearly understand all issues.

The difference to others who don’t want to understand is perhaps just that: I am open to acknowledge when I fuck up. That has to be learned.

Edit: btw, not a fan of the word “woke” lol; it’s being used as a joke by many people by now because many “allies” claim that they’re woke when, in fact, they just try to play nice and turn around first chance they get. :x


Because politics have arrayed us against one another. One side of the spectrum convinces its adherents that a certain group of people are deserving of hate because of how privileged they supposedly are. The other side teaches its adherents that America is doomed and that there’s a civil war around the corner. This is a recipe for disaster.

In my opinion, we need to become less polarized and recognize hate in all its forms coming from either side of the political spectrum.


That is simply not true.

If you’re in a privileged position and people tell you so, that doesn’t mean they hate you. It means you have to do some work to include them.

Also, “hate from both sides” is a right-winged myth to invalidate criticism from marginalized groups. You’re feeding right into it.


Try to be gay in a world that hates gay people.
Try to be Black in a world that kills Black people.
Try to be disabled in a world that alienates disabled people.

We are furious with privileged people because they care more about “civility” than justice. If that makes you uncomfortable? It just means you have work to do.

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i’m going to have to disagree with that. recognising hate in all its forms from both sides of the political spectrum? yes, i agree, there is hate coming from people who strive for a better world, wanting equality - however, this hate is directed towards people who have discriminatory views to the world. those who are supremacists, racists, sexists and overall, kind of disgusting people. these kinds of people hate other people for their ethnicity and religions, but the other side simply hates people who look at the world with a vision that they are better and more superior. there is an big big big difference.



Which is a valid form of hate, because it’s self-defence. It’s as easy as that. Thank you. <3

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I think another thing is that privileged people aren’t intentionally hurtful or ignorant, they just base everything on their own experiences. I do that as well, and I have to talk to people in order to understand what issues they face.
For example, where I live, colour does not matter, as long as your name sounds like you’re from there and you talk the language fluently. Thus, they’re still racist, but not based upon colour–at least not with girls. This means that I have to actively think about how others could feel in such a situation, and I have to make an effort to understand and talk to people.
I imagine that that can be too much work for some, or that a lot of people don’t even think that far.


I couldn’t have said it any better. When I read sh^t online about, for example, the New Zealand christ church mosque shooting. After all that, people still blamed it not on the white terrorist, but ‘Muslim immigration’. That’s just complete fricking bull.

Anyone who looks at the world in a sense that they’re better, more superior and judge and discriminate people on the basis of their looks and skin are the ones preventing humanity from reaching equality, or at least, respect…


The world does not hate gay people. Last I checked it’s not illegal to be gay, it’s not even frowned upon anymore save from a few random religious nutjobs.

Where are black people being killed? Name one country anywhere on the globe where blacks are systemically being murdered for being black.

Alienates disabled people? I don’t know what this even means.

I live in America where I am told to shut up because of my gender and race. My culture is problematic and I am not allowed to be proud.

Said the Nazi’s. I hope you know that this is literally the same mantra they used to excuse book burnings, political thuggery, silencing thier opposition and eventually killing millions of jews. Sorry, you don;t get to be pissed with me because of what I am, that’s called racism.

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Oh, it’s definitely not always intentional! So if someone fucks up and doesn’t know about it, we kinda have to give them the benefit of the doubt first. Explain them—if we have the spoons to do so, of course.

If someone is repeatedly told that their stance on things is hurtful, and they’re still keeping on it? Then it’s simply their fault for being an ass. So, yeah. People need time, but when they’re not even trying, I lose my patience. xD

omg ha ha you are so clueless

And if you’re literally calling someone a “nazi” who is FIGHTING people who hurt others? Guess what? You’re enabling actual nazis. Congratulations, you just exposed yourself as one of these privileged people who deserve any fire they get.

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I think it’s great that you at least consider someone else’s experiences instead of judging everything off of yours. Good on you! A lot of people could learn from that, to be completely honest. Especially those who believe racism doesn’t exist. I was listening to a podcast earlier consisting of four white men who were talking about how racism isn’t a prominent problem in today’s society. That no one nowadays are racist.

Utter bullsh^t. See, as white males in America, there are privileges. If they don’t recognise it, they may as well be as bad as the racists and supremacists themselves. Recognising your privilege in an environment is being self aware and I think that’s great. Again, good on you!


Btw, I’m not pissed at people for what they are. I am pissed at people for what they do. And what you’re doing right now is aiding white supremacy. Hope you’re proud. :heart:

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You just quoted me then didn’t proceed to disprove my point. You just said I’m clueless.

To be clear I did not call anyone a Nazi, I said the Nazis used the same excuses to enact thier insanity.

I’m sorry, who am I? Tell me who you think I am.


Are you kidding me? Are you not going to acknowledge the Orlando shooting that killed more than 20 gay people because they were simply gay? Are you not going to acknowledge the COUNTLESS people that are harassed on the street for being gay? Are you not going to acknowledge the obstructions gay people face even after gay marriage was legalised? WATCH THE NEWS. READ ARTICLES. You obviously don’t because I can name more than 10 gay hate crimes right now on the spot if you asked me. Don’t be that person.

Also, again, are you kidding me? AMERICA my dude. AMERICA. Black brutality. Have you heard of Stephon Clark? He was killed by white police officers because they thought he was guilty of something he hadn’t done. HE WAS JUST IN THE YARD. IN HIS OWN YARD. He got shot. He was killed. If you think that doesn’t have anything to do with race, boy, you have to check yourself.


There’s no point in “disproving” something that is derived from right-winged propaganda because engaging in a debate with these points validates them, and I’m simply not gonna do that. You are clueless – ignorant, if you like that word better – because you close your eyes to what is going on right in front of you.

I can’t help you with that intentional ignorance, and it is certainly not my job to do so when you are obviously not a safe person for me.

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No I’m not. I don’t give a shit about the white race being supreme. I just don’t want to be told that I’m a privileged racist for speaking my mind, as you just did.


Russia, for the matter. Nigeria. Parts of Asia etc. It’s punished in 70 countries, according to ILGA.1 This is millions of people we’re talking about. It’s far from ‘not frowned upon’ by the world just because some western countries decide to break down some stigma.


If you are “neutral”, you’re aiding the supremacists.

That’s just what it’s like. Because being “neutral” in an inherently violent world that tries to kill certain groups is not being neutral at all, but being complacent. Think long and hard about that before you engage in a discussion.