why is it taking so long for people to get woke?



I’m not talking specifics with what has happened with me, I’m talking with what I’ve seen in the world.

I’ve seen lets say a guy trying and get a point across and get dismissed for mansplaining, doesn’t matter what he had to say because he is a man.

I’ve seen a white male get dismissed for having an opinion because he’s white and a male.

And it goes both ways, I’ve seen black male get assumed he knows nothing and is a thug because he’s black and when he talked, people were shocked because he didn’t have the type of speech that is stereotyped.


Coughs in Green Book.


The exact movie I had in mind. And Crashed.


Also coughs in in Bright.


“Fairy lives don’t matter today” headass.


Why is fantasy so prone to this shit. :joy:


But it has nothing to do with being white. It seems to be linked mostly to being educated (see the positive Asian and female bias, the two most educated demographics). This is extremely important to the issue. It tells us where the problem may lead and where it may not. Hunting down white supremacy behind every blade of grass might not help this issue. Making sure black children grow up in complete homes (the number one predictor of criminal behaviour) would be a better start.

Anyway, I’m too tired to continue. I’m going to bed for now.


Allegory. And also the names and biases behind the words. N.K. Jemisin summed it up best.


See, I keep pointing to your frame work. Because it’s faulty, it picks at bits of the system instead of trying to look at it as a whole. The problem with ‘debate’ online is that it caries a nuance that you can’t really execute through the internet.

Maybe start with:
Why are black people poor in the USA?

And expand from there.

Good night, and tag me if you have something else to add.


I agree with this.

That’s why I think bias plays too large of a role in the whole “Woke” topic. Opinions drive people over facts.


Thanks for linking the thread! I love N. K. Jemisin’s work.


Bootstraps. Bootstrapsbootstrapsbootstraps. Skrrt. Quavo.


My fav author. I’m reading ‘The Fifth Season’ right now and… no words.



Also known as ‘stop being poor.’

That aside, it’s a very common american thing to pin new immigrants against black americans. It’s happening now with African Immigrants.

‘Look at this black person from Africa! They’re doing better!’*

*Let’s ignore that the people who can afford to immigrate in these times in the first place are well of to an extent.

African immigrants aren’t paying $30,000 a year in uni fees because they ‘pulled up their bootstraps.’ Their parents are just rich. I would know, I’m one of them.


Gender is the number one predictor of criminal behavior, followed closely by early childhood aggressiveness. Genetics and environmental impacts, such as birth trauma, that lead to increased levels of aggressiveness in early childhood are a more complete predictor of criminal behavior.


Why can I see all the arguments surrounding this from a mile.

Descriptive, and predictive statistics rail people up a lot, especially if they don’t like what it says.

[Before anyone jumps the shark. Stats show what is happening, they’re not a ‘sentence.’ You’re supposed to use they to learn why things are the way they are.]


I can feel it coming. :joy: :tumbler_glass: If luck holds, I’ll remain fairly detached. At least, I’m trying.


I dont think it can just happen in one generation. It has to be a constant of doing better through each generation. It wasn’t that long ago, in fact, that black people had to sit in the back of the bus. The first black girl to attend school with white kids is still alive. It feels like a long time ago but it really wasn’t.

We’re taught what our parents were by their parents and it can be hard to change your entire worldview. We’re more tolerant now of people and sexualities and race than we ever have been before, but it took a long time to get here. Small minded people will always hate what’s different, and unfortunately, many people are small minded. Hopefully one day they’ll be forced back into the dark recesses of society rather than given a microphone.


She is a goddess. Nuff said.


I’ve seen a trend of people adapting ‘it’s all in our biology’ stances (Which is arguable, but I digress) for things like this. And you’ll probably get a comment like that. :joy: