why is it taking so long for people to get woke?


Genetics are a complex art. With our genes being the building blocks of our person, it’s impossible to discuss human nature without touching upon genetics.


Yes, I like to think it’s a mix of socialization and human nature. Not a fan of Evolutionary Psychology though. Reminds me too much of its eugenics cousin.

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Fortunately, genetics isn’t evolutionary psychology :slight_smile:

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Oh my god, @Groovy_Jedi just say something already.

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Well this has been interesting to watch. I’m just observing but if I must add anything to this, I think the love of comfort must be recognised. As long as people cling to comfort, good conversations like these just stay at a base level because as @saintc said people don’t want to “feel bad.” So folks elect comfort. People are addicted to feeling good, so much so, that many times I observe that its not only a case of ignorance but its also a case of denial. Because to admit to the possibility and validity of another’s experience is cruxed upon turning the mirror at one’s self and many times folks just don’t like the mirror image they see. This circulates right back to power because the historically disenfranchised don’t have the luxury of denying something that they experience every day. As a country I see the United States operates in a similar fashion choosing which parts of history and who’s story is then deemed as the narrative.

As long as people favour comfort above everything else we can never have honest conversations that take us forward. You have to be open to stepping outside of feeling comfortable. Change and learning isn’t about feeling good its about examining yourself and your environment. Understanding how it shaped you so then you can make the necessary adjustements to contribute to making your world and the largerr world around you a better place.

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Bruh. Don’t get testy with me. I have knives. staby stab stab

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Oh gosh this thread is just utter bullcrap.


Plays tiny violin.

That’s the threads for ya.



Not a case of ignorance, but a case of wanting to remain ignorant.

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yes exactly, which relates to comfort.


Don’t start with me, Edwards. My ancestors can scrap.


This thread is literally “why hasn’t everyone become liberal yet?” When you actually read the comments… :roll_eyes: people be people. People suck no matter who or what they believe.

You can be the nicest guy ever but once you start debating someone who disagrees with you and you start getting rude about it, you suck.

Btw, hate comes from both sides. Every human is capable of hate. This is why I stopped being on either side.


So can mine. He with no fear, cast the first stone.


Duck this boulder, boy.


Indian people are Asian people because India is a country within Asia which is a continent. Just saying.

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Boy, we’re heading towards false dichotomy here, aren’t we.

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Ah damn, I wanted you to last longer, but now I have to call the dragons. I didn’t want to call the dragons.



I’m not even present for this.


Oh god, I told myself I wouldn’t get caught up in another political discussion on Wattpad…

Ok, as far as people saying things they shouldn’t say, it’s unfortunate, but it’s always going to happen. There are several reasons for this. First, some people just don’t like being told what they can and can’t say and will rebel against any “rule” you give them. Second, some people are just ignorant. Not everyone comes from a big city with a lot of diversity. Some people come from the middle of nowhere and have never actually seen a POC or openly queer person in real life. Third, what is or isn’t acceptable to say is always changing. It used to be polite to call a black person “colored,” now it absolutely is not. Likewise, “queer” use to be exclusively used as a slur, now it is embraced by the LGBT community. With language changing so quickly, some people, especially older people, have a hard time keeping up. Fourth, some people are legitimately prejudiced and will always express themselves as such.

As far as hate crimes go, again, it happens, it’s horrible and unfortunate, but like rape or murder, I think they will always exist. All we can do is try to decrease the frequency with which they happen and keep people safe. At the end of the day, some people are always going to be hateful and there is nothing you can say or do to stop it. You cannot control other people, just yourself.

That’s not completely true. I have seen some legitimate hate from the left-wing, even targeted towards other left-wingers who don’t quite “toe the line”. I’m a lesbian and I consider myself fairly liberal, and even I have gotten hate from the left-wing for saying things like, “I don’t think hate speech laws are a good idea” or “I don’t think that every criticism against the left wing should be answered by calling someone over-privileged and discriminatory, and maybe people should learn how to debate properly.”