why is it taking so long for people to get woke?


I wish a Trinidadian would. I’m gonna be dragon your ass to the spirit plain if you keep trying to be cute.


:joy: When you been prepared before birth but they don’t know.


I told myself I’d stop getting into ‘liberal’ vs ‘conservative’ debates when I’m none of the above. :joy: I’ll just watch. It’s fascinating what constitutes USA political philosophy.


i can’t lie as a non american its interesting to watch.


Exactly. :joy:

Everyone else in the world when USA citizens start their Democrat-Republican debates.


When you’re staring at a murderer and a thief and your only option is whether you’ll kiss his right or left hand. Also why do I feel like Americans only ever get hyped about the presidential elections and like, not the ones that decide their districts? Does that huhhah not cross the Atlantic?

If I’m not better than you, I’m harder to beat.

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The debates, the drama the fashion. Who the hell needs a soap opera? The biggest one is real life.


When someone 'BUT OBAMA’s you in the middle of an argument and you wonder what the fuck is happening because you’re not American. :joy:


To tell the truth, even we Americans are slightly perplexed and mildly entertained by the sh!tshow that is the American Horror Story. It would be funnier if it weren’t real.

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oh god that’s the funniest. Or worse, accuse you of voting for the opposite of their beloved affiliations. “Brush but i’m not even oh nevermind”


Well, damn it, Jedi – You should’ve voted anyway. Not being a citizen here is no excuse. :tumbler_glass:

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I will persevere with a stubbornness that rivals the wildest of asses in the desert.


But then the voter fraud. The horror.

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When the “16 000 people voted for Harambe” hoax was the most believable thing to happen politically since 2016. Actually, no. Still oppression. 10/10 believable.


Stop flirting, Edwards, we’re fighting.


Didn’t you know? Seduction is the quickest road to your rival’s demise.

Come closer, I shall not bite. said the Lion to the lamb.


@all That’s how you write a romantic arc, fyi.


Back on topic about ‘why is it taking so long for people to become woke.’ I think a fascinating look could be taken at religion.

Why do some parts rapidly secularize/reform, and why are some parts sticking to ‘tradition’? It happens between denominations (E.G Quakers being more secular than Catholics), and it can happen within a denomination (Catholics in West Africa being more conservative than Catholics in Canada.)


If only I wrote romance. If only. Sips chardonnay whilst twirling my blade.

someone has to die though lol

also: Milo just gave me ideas, so i’m feeling excited.


That’s a big one. The immediate thing that jumps out at me is that religion offers the comfort of a perceived moral high ground – Christianity, at least. In the world but not of the world and all that. That certainly lowers any incentive towards “wokeness” (ew, but here meaning social justice issues counter to what is preached). That leads into…

…the economic factor (Saint please don’t murder me on this). I think most religions are generally designed towards conservatism. I mean, a system that wants any sort of longevity generally wouldn’t want too many moving parts, right? I’ve seen stronger ties to conservatism amongst the majority rural Xhosa population as opposed to the urban minority. But I think “wokeness” generally thrives in the city and on the internet, places fundamentally designed for change. This is all arm-chair theory now. I’m open to someone calling bullshit, but this is what I’ve generally observed within the Christian Xhosa community.

The traditional section is another story.