why is it taking so long for people to get woke?



My backyard is clean, thank you. The reason I bring it up is exactly because of a lack of nuance. “The world hates gay people.” No, it would seem most of the hate comes from people of a certain religious orientation, so pointing the finger at me is ignoring the elephant in the room.


What you’re calling nonsensical has been addressed in the entirety of my post above with documentation by an actual Dr. If you require further “evidence” there is a plethora out there. As well as going outside helps.


Most of the mental illnesses I have today are a direct root to the fatphobia and excessive bullying I faced as a child — and this is just an example and is totally not something comparable to what transgender people face. Who is to say that the experiences they face in society has nothing to do with the mental illnesses they’ve developed over the time? The oppression, violence directed towards them and the prejudice. That can do a lot to a person.


Here we go centering ourselves in a conversation that has nothing to do with you. Oh how you missed the point by light years.

Your backyard, the United States is far from clean. Look around you and look beyond your immediate environment where everything is good for you America has a plethora of issues to deal with before trying to single out some remote country of “horrible muslims”

The elephant in the room is the paradox that the “leader of the free world” is far from free as the slogan might suggest. The actual elephant is ignoring the decades worth of all forms of oppression against marginalized identities cause if for a second the image doesn’t constantly paint themselves as heroes despite contrary actions the scary realization of accountability might manifest.

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I’m not talking about black on black crime I’m talking about crime in general. If you commit it, oyu encounter the police more giving you more opportunity for being shot.


Statistics. That’s how. Sorry, but placing someone’s individual experience before the big-picture is misleading.

Bullshit. Just because she did not say “you’re a terrible person” doesn’t mean she wasn’t insinuating that people with my beliefs are. The language was clear whether you want to see it or not. I won’t debat realities with you. You’re trying to flip the script on me and say that I was the one interrupting the debate by playing the victim and it’s absolute bullshit.



Then you need to be more precise in you language. You said:

Again, I acknowledge the problems in my own country, but I often find that people want to ignore the elephant by saying “the world hates gays” when we all know damn well where the hate is mostly coming from. Read my posts more carefully, I’ve already given credence to the idea that there is some LGBT prejudice… SOME. But if we’re going to actually solve the larger issues of hate, we need to be exact. Not sure what the hell the issue is in saying that.


I’m done with you. Keep trying to ignore the obvious I guess, lol. The above is there for everyone to read.


This is entertaining even tho ive no idea whats going on


Neither. Even though I made this thread, I have no idea what they’re talking about now oof


Dang I just got on this thread and and started reading through it, and it is some entertaining s**t


I still dunno what “woke” means but if the question just means “Why do we all hate each other” then my simple answer would be that it’s part of human nature. We’ve been killing and hating on each other since prehistoric times, why is this a surprise. There may be some times where humanity has lived in relative harmony with each other, but that’s just the calm before the next inevitable storm.

Also I saw some things about Hitler and Nazi Germany? Like why are people so hung up on this; I personally don’t see how WW2 was different from the countless other wars in history, besides the death about of course.

Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan were just expanding their empires, which is perfectly natural for prosperous countries.


Nah. With ‘woke’ I kind of just meant like “why are people still so ignorant”, if you get what I mean. I get your point on the whole thing that it’s part of human nature to hate each other, though, I don’t really think anyone saw it as a ‘surprise’. I think people were more focussed on what it is that’s making people hate each other, not the general aspect of hate…


Being woke is all about exposure imo. It’s just a fact of human nature that we care about issues we relate to, and it’s hard for us to understand things that are simply beyond our physical line of sight and comprehension. If you live in a city, then you’re simultaneously in a privileged bubble, but also aware of a lot more issues, because you meet people from all over the world and live around more minority communities. From my experiences, people in smaller towns in the US, and in predominantly white communities, live in a different kind of bubble. They’re surrounded by people who look and sound just like them. It’s simply hard for them to understand these issues because they’re not immediately confronted by them. More exposure, primarily through media, could hopefully change that.

Also sorry for the US bias, I live in the US so these are just the issues I understand better :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah I see. Well, several people have already made good answers as to why this is: it depends on interest and exposure. You can’t make someone learn what they don’t want to, at the same time, what they DO know/understand depends on their surrounding environments.


I agree. I have friends that live in, well, small and traditional little towns in the countryside and they think racism doesn’t exist. Though, I could never expect them to understand because they’ve grown up around white people their whole life and as you said, have never really been exposed to diversity and other ethnic groups. So, while these people think racism is a dead thing, people in larger areas with more minority communities tend to think the complete opposite because whether they’ve seen it first hand or have friends of other ethnic groups, I guess they’re just more accepting and aware of issues.

So yeah, that’s so true^.




I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not :joy:

For example, I live in a tropical country and it never snows over here. While I know what cold is, one can’t expect me to comprehend the intense chill of winter as I’ve never experienced it.


Sarcastic? Lol no I was just pointing out that I agreed with it :33