why is it taking so long for people to get woke?



:joy: I was confused bc I basically just repeated what everyone else has already said


Yeah! And that makes it sooooo hard for the divided halves in our country to talk non-aggressively, because we have a wall of different experiences dividing us. Media is pretty much our only great equalizer, and even THAT is completely biased. And tv channels, youtube channels, etc. market themselves for people on different sides of the political spectrum, so we just end up in these self-perpetuating systems that build on the barrier between us. For example, facebook uses an algorithm to show us news that we WANT to see, not news that could in any way make us uncomfortable.

Also, media is super responsible for a lot of discrimination on our country. Like, as one example, the news has ALWAYS disproportionately showed arrests of black criminals way more frequently than any other criminal, which has fed into the stereotype of black men as dangerous. The stuff seems small at the time, but it builds and builds into frightening shows of racism in our country


Haha no I can assure you it wasn’t sarcastic but i can totally see why you thought it was oops



I had to write an essay all about misrepresentations in media and news outlets in school a few weeks ago and this is exactly what I talked about. Like what you said, black people are represented as these ‘aggressive criminals’ that are dangerous and unpredictable. That’s bullshit. But as wrong as it is, people who aren’t exposed to black people often would base their opinion of their whole community on that one misrepresentation that they’ve seen on black people.

As annoying and fucked up that it is, people do form solid opinions on communities from fake news and biased news articles, etc.


Once, I read in a book that first impressions are very important because that impression never truly goes away.

Let’s use DreamFever’s example of US citizens assuming black people are dangerous. While people can learn that this isn’t true, it’s going to be very hard to break them of the habit of assuming that every black person they meet is someone to be wary of.


It’s scary how news stories always have an angle. Even if they facts are 100% true (which they’re often not), they can still be biased. Like, they’re supposed to be neutral, but they always seem to have an agenda. And how can we form realistic opinions on the world when we’re reading biased stories that shape ourselves and our communities? I wish it would change but it’s so hard. Biased news stories, and fake news, just sells better :triumph:


I remember reading that even Barack Obama would hear car doors lock as he walked by on the street… And even though it was before he was president, he was a freaking well educated man in a suit!! It’s hard to control bias that we’re conditioned with, but it’s totally worth the effort to try


Whether it’s race, politics, religion, or attitude, I’ve never lived in a place where I wasn’t a minority and an outsider. I don’t try to fit in, nor to set myself apart, but it’s not my decision. Sometimes I feel like this:

I do pretty much as I like, but I’ve learned to take care and not rush blindly into danger.

People can be cruel when they’ve got the chance.


The problem with trying is that there will always be people who still attempt to stop you, because they benefit from the chaos and all that. Demagogues


Ugh too true


Someone one told me that the US made alcoholic drinks illegal, then they explained to me that the reason why someone would put such a stupid law is because things cost more when they’re illegal, so whoever made/sold beers and stuff would get super rich.

I guess that’s an example on how someone might benefit from chaos. :man_shrugging:


That doesn’t surprise me tbh, the 1920s was an era of the extreme rich being in control of the whole country.

And honestly, I’m worried that we’re headed into a 1920s kind of era now. All the inequality is building up to insane levels. There’s no way we’re living in a sustainable kind of system, because most of the country’s residents are in debt and and trapped in cycles of consumerism where they are encouraged to buy while in debt, because it builds up the rich corporations, etc… It’s hard to explain, but it’s a f***ed up system


Well, eventually that system will collapse… and then chaos. ouo


Actually, there was an alliance of Christian moralists, women who’d suffered from male drinking, and political opportunists.

The effect was to enable smuggling and bootlegging. Many of those who got rich were immigrants or their children. Upward mobility, and all that.


It had inspiring origins. I mean, it was promoted by a group of women who spoke out against domestic abuse and said that drinking made their husbands cruel. Which was really brave of them to do, and it was amazing that it took root.

But the era it created was just horrible. Politicians signed it into law because they KNEW they could just smuggle in expensive booze and completely bypass the law. Meanwhile, lower and middle class Americans had to have the crappy, unregulated made-illegally-in-America brews, which sometimes killed people when they drank it and were known to cause illness and even blindness. And it was wayyy more potent, and didn’t do anything to solve domestic abuse after a few years had passed. America turned into this crazy den of rampant inequality, then the great depression


i once had a dream where i was married to barron trump and honestly, that was the lowest i’ve ever been


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But does it make their husbands cruel? IMHO being drunk just brings out emotions one supresses when sober.

This is why I will never get drunk. I have too many secrets that can never be revealed. :joy:


Aww don’t diss poor little Barron! :frowning: He always looks like a shy, sweet kid to me on tv. And imagine growing up in that INSANE family. Plus all that fame, it’s bound to screw a kid up