why is it taking so long for people to get woke?


lol gotcha :joy:


he might be cute but how cute can u really get with ur dad being donald trump? ://


Ok yeah I wouldn’t want to go to those family dinners :joy:

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Good on you :joy: I mean, yeah, being drunk is just an excuse for husbands who beat their family, but it also does really make things worse. I think the whole idea was that if he couldn’t drink, then he couldn’t be physically abusive. But yeah, it kind of is just a sign of a bad person if they become abusive when they drink, I totally agree. But it does also exacerbate the problem

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Those are the only statistics where Black crime rate is high. From those statistics, like any race, the highest crime will be committed by those in under-funded, impoverished areas. There was even a report of police officers purposefully going there, because of how terrible their conditions are, and planting traps to unjustly arrest people. However, the crime rate caused by Black people has drastically declined over the years. What you’re saying still has nothing to do with why unarmed Black people are being shot.

You’re just saying what everyone else is saying. It doesn’t explain why George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. It doesn’t explain why Amber Guyger shot Botham Jean. Because no one called the police on them; they weren’t committing a crime and out of the two I’ve just stated, only one of them was charged with murder.

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I have never insinuated that people with your beliefs were terrible. Until now, I used to believe that being civil meant that your voice would be quiet; but it could be just as loud. I want our voice to be heard and not silenced; to be listened to. Basically, that’s all I said when I typed that.

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I think it’s become some would like to live in their ignorance, in the tiny little bubble that everything is okay and nothing wrong happens when that’s not true. Some people are not comfortable with facing the ugly truth. That truth is that our country, our world, is fucked. The only way we can change that is if we acknowledge it.


I mean, only focusing on your own country’s problems is pretty blinkered and kind of out of touch


US is one of the most free, equal and least racist nations (although Canada and NZ are probably more so, as well as some European places). It’s really not comparable to the level of a lot of third world nations


Jumping in here because your argument that you are right and the American Psychological Association, AMA, CDC, and WHO is wrong that being LGBT is a mental illness confuses me.

It seems to me that you agree LGBT people do have to deal with more discrimination and animus just for being who they are than straight/cis people do.

So if we take that away, can you explain to me what the problem with being LGBT really is? Why do you disagree with the vast majority of psychological experts when they say that being LGBT is not a mental illness. It seems to me that it isn’t because:

  1. Unlike the actual mental illnesses you talked about earlier, being LGBT doesn’t really harm anyone and the stress associated with being LGBT seems to be connected to the discrimination coming from it, not being LGBT itself.
  2. There isn’t any accepted/workable “cure” or “treatment” for being LGBT, is there?

at our most advanced humanity will only ever truly be a tribal society while those among us may be “woke” it has always been this way with the majority despising what they cannot or do not want to understand. un-till we can look at ourselves as one people with a common goal we cannot ever truly come together…our societies are built to keep “them” out and “us” safe, borders and the like of nations only further this.
If we continue the way we always have nothing will ever change and we will continue to despise and distrust each other…at least thats what i believe.