Why isn't there a Western genre on here?

I’m not huge fan of … spaghetti westerns, mainly for LGBT and white knight syndrome reasons, but it seems weird there isn’t a Wild West genre section, if there is a vampire section.

I feel weird even saying I do Westerns, as its more of a Pacific North Western (before revisions). but its Western and Spirituality.

I do French Western, though I even find that term deceptive, as what I mean is what happens when French are who control Mexico and not the Spanish. And how it effects he rest of the Western portion of the United States from 19th century to “the plot” in the 21st century.

It doesn’t manifest as alternate history, as the French coup took place last year at the point I was writing it. (Would be retrofuturistic now.)

I’ve been looking up French Westerns, but some of the B movie version I think … take French Western a little to literally: Battle Of Little Big Horn in Paris. Or in some cases, all the way into the country of Romania.

I have to admit that I’m curious about this too. Jay and I are working on a Western at the moment, and it would be great to be able to list it in the right place. I wonder if the market on Wattpad just isn’t large enough for it, or if there are other reasons.

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I could get on board with westerns. I’ve always seem myself as a bit of an outlaw. Would be nice to see this genre come back around


Well plus I just did some research, and French heritage is almost as common as Spanish culture. So why isn’t there more French Western?

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My own mixed feelings is I’m not really doing a pure western. But a Vampire LGBT Western.

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I’d love to see more westerns, it’s a genre I’m really into reading lately. Maybe it’s because I’m a horse loving country girl at heart lol

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Wouldn’t it just fall under historical fiction? The only reason vampire and werewolf are separate from paranormal is because there were so many stories drowning all the other paranormal. (According to what I heard) Westerns don’t have that problem, so they’d be lumped in with another genre. :wink:


I know this is slightly off topic and it will be controversial and maybe foolish to say, but I wonder if the “Western” genre should be locked down to retain the…I don’t know, the cultural purity of the genre now that generation that lived in the final years of that era has or is dying off and anything written now is, in a sense, Western fanfic and calling all recent and future additions to the genre Historical Westerns or something.

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The pillory perhaps.

But the biggest I have with Western is how it would translate in the modern age. Anything set today where horses aren’t the main transport, is by implication going to have a different kind of feel.

It’s one of the reason I’ve used the term Neo-Napoleonic. I would have said that to dad, but it treats any kind of new invented genre as basically: the fecal matter that come from a cattle drive.

Neo-Napoleonic, basically just means a new era of Francophone imperialism. This can happen within our outside the context of magical realism, and generally tends toward dystopia.

Tag it as #western !
We were talking about having a western profile, someday…

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That’s very very good news. Even if I do a modern LGBT version.

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Nothing decided, just a few of us realising we’re brwncoats at heart…

I think my issue is I almost always include western elements, even if I’m not explicitly trying to write one.

Now, I did have issue with specific Western TV shows, but there was less hating on the whole genre and more hating specific scenes.

But then it gets slightly out of the genre if its say … in Chattanooga or New York. (Immigrants are recurring thing, how Europeans adapt to a modern wild west.)