Why registration to view stories?

So, here I was dropping down a link to wattpad onto one very populated forum for several months straight, and only some hours ago I received a reply from a user that only registered users can read stories.

…I have a question why this is real. I can get behind logic why you need to be registered to views paid stories, but even in that case those paid stories have free trial chapters to get into the book and determine if it’s worth the money you want to pay. Great feature, but back to the topic.
The whole thing about writing is raising awareness and increasing your renown everywhere you can. More readers = more feedback = more fans = more awareness = more everything. If WattPad positions itself as a place, where writers can get readers, and readers can get exiting new stories to their desire…
…why no anonymous reading is an option? Sometimes people don’t like to register on the site, and for those people you can easily put a restrictions, such as no commenting, no voting, no paying for paid stories, etc, but keep anonymous reading only for “read only”. That’s very easy to implement, and it would help everyone.
Especially it will help main site with traffic increase.

That’s not true.

I went to “private browsing mode” which is where none of your info is remembered, and all your accounts aren’t logged in. And then I searched up my story, and was able to read from start to finish.

There was just the box at the bottom of the screen saying that you could sign in


I understand what u mean. I usaully use an alt to read my guilty plessure stuffs xD.

I made my investigation on the matter, asking different people from different locations to view my story. Apparently, mobile version is working, as a website version, since those people managed to access the site and read the story.

So the only conclusion I can give is that I have been lied to, or that one specific user encountered rare glitch, which highly unlikely. I think we can close the matter since it was proven to be false.

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It depends, really. Normally, you can view it in your browser without logging in/registering. But I added the link to my wattpad profile in my instagram bio and when I try to click it, it usually tells me to log in/register first. I’m thinking this is a mobile issue, depending on how you access the link :woman_shrugging:


I think you might be right, because I have seen this as well.

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I tried it just now, and it let me read without logging in :woman_shrugging: I think if you click it a few times like this (in this case, from instagram bio), it will eventually prompt you to log in/register.

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This is true. After a certain number of anonymous visits, you are asked to sign up / log in.