Why the permanent follow

So, I’m kind of new but not really. My wattpad uses varies a lot, anyways.
My question is why do so many cover makers want permanent followers? Do followers help your book somehow? I mean I have an okay amount of followers and they don’t really do much, I’m sure only 100 maybe less actually even read my message post. Wouldn’t it maybe be more beneficial to ask for a shout out instead, because honestly I have more readers than I do followers. I’m just saying if I was too be a permanent whose to say I wouldn’t forget, a few months later. I don’t know if anyone else does this but When I’m following someone I like to make sure I actually like their book or if they’ve updated it sometime this year or something. Like what if I forget I’m supposed to be a permanent follower and hit that unfollow button. It just doesn’t make any sense to me, maybe because I haven’t been that active on the site for awhile.


I don’t get having a lot of followers who are just following you because they wanted a service done. It’s just inflating numbers. It doesn’t actually mean anything.

So I’m in the dark too :joy:


:joy: :joy: Totally, The people that just want reads or comments, that’s probably what’s going to actually help your book in the long run. Followers don’t make the writer.


They want more followers, so they’ll take what they can get in a way that can be “justified”. I don’t see the point permanently following cover designers unless they’re my friend, but to each their own.


I feel like genuine followers are better than fake followers, cause that’s exactly what I’d be if I followed them because of a cover. When I heard that people were charging people for covers, this isn’t what I had in mind :joy:


I agree. I don’t worry too much about followers because I want people to actually read my works and not just “followers”.


I think followers matter to a certain extent. There are a lot of writers that have millions of reads but one a few thousand followers.

Since you’re notified with updates if you book a book in your private library, you get notified with updates that way versus following a writer and getting a bunch of… useless announcements about their day :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Personally, it means nothing to me. But I prefer to give options. I’d MUCH rather have them leave a comment on my story, even if its obvious they haven’t read it (though I’d be happy if they read ONE paragraph and actually responded to it in any sort of way than a basic “I love it!”) In a small way, with the “permanent followers,” I kinda hope they see me in their feed being a consistent uploader, and will want to check out my work. It rarely ever happens, but a girl can dream.

It would, but then that sort of becomes payment after the fact. I have had a few people waste my time by never picking up covers, or not crediting me, that I wouldn’t trust everyone to “pay” me after the fact. If something is free, people usually abuse and take for granted (like some people who request covers knowing they’ll never actually write the story. If the artist is okay with that, is one thing, but I’m not a fan of needlessly wasting peoples time).

Fair enough. I don’t really care for the follow, but some people seem to prefer it over giving a comment (I don’t know why, I prefer getting comments and commenting on others as following lots of people annoys me when they overuse the announcements and bombard me with a hundred useless messages as if this is twitter). I don’t keep track so if someone unfollows me a month later, I’m not gonna know who it is unless they’re an avid requester, so I don’t really care.


I admit, I’m always surprised when a person has like, 32 followers but they have 2k votes on a story.

I honestly hate that people who force follows with contests/graphics/critiques use the announcements like twitter. These people aren’t even following you because they like your work, stop spamming the hell out of them. I’ve used my announcements two times since I joined in 2016 - one being to tell people I was back from a long hiatus, and another about a new book for Autism Awareness Month.


I’ll only use announcements to update people about when I updated a chapter, big news about awards, if I’m going on a hiatus, or if I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel.

Announcements can be used well but most people don’t use it appropriately.


cuz it looks like u got clout

That doesn’t bother me, if its writing related in some way. But I absolutely will never read/continue anyones story, no matter how appealing, if they annoy me by doing several a day about inane drama and useless info. I don’t care you’re redoing your profile graphics for the fifth time this month, I don’t care if your new favorite food is fish fingers and custard, I don’t care if Billie Eilish, whoever she is, reenacts 2girls1cup.


Oh, definitely! I’ve unfollowed so many people because of that kind of silliness. I rather not have 30 announcements in a day about asinine things…


I think the main reason is just… the fact they want more followers. :woman_shrugging:

Though, to be honest, I don’t get the idea of needing one other than the fact that the numbers go up on your followers list. But that’s it. Having followers doesn’t mean they read your stories, so… what gives?

But I can’t really complain since I prefer it more than the “read my story” payment. I’d rather spend a moment in clicking a button rather than spending an hour reading a chapter or so when I don’t feel like reading…

  • the complaints others made about following.

This is why I ask for nothing when reading other people’s stories or for my thread service thing. Might as well be selfless & do it as a hobby.


Same XD
If rather just ask for the reads and comments, cause the chances of those people following you actually taking a look at your books much less commenting is already low


Back when I offered premades I just wanted credit, tbh. I kind of don’t like getting comments or reads from people if they’re only doing it to get something return. That’s just me though. I get why people ask for payment in form of comments or reads.


This! I’ve always asked this. This is why I don’t ask for followers as payment. It means nothing. It doesn’t help my books. I ask for 2 comments because that will bring the person to my book. It’s direct and if they enjoy, they continue reading on their own. It’s an easy way to do it. Plus, if I’m drawing a character or making someone a cover (or 3 since I offer three options), I guess I just see it as fair? They spend 10 minutes or less (based on how fast they read) reading a chapter of any book of mine they choose (I allow people to choose from any since I personally hate when someone says to read a specific book because then I can’t request since their book is usually not my taste) and then I spend a couple of hours making them something pretty to look at. That’s how I see it.

I can easily tell when someone read the chapter, too, as opposed to skimming. So far I’ve only had to deny one person because of that. I used to do it for free when I was still new to it. Anywho…


A follow is something I’m fine giving for a service, but never really understood the point in it. No, it does not get you readers. I’m sure every now and then it may, but it really is just an arbitrary number and following a crap ton of people just gets you clogged up news feeds.

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Well I do get one thing with follows. For example: you have sweated and bled to death and made a fine piece of work. If a reader with many followers is reading your work and complimenting it then ALL his/her followers will get those messages in their newsfeed and it might attract more readers this way.