Why You Love Your Book

Hey, so I’ve been really happy with the book I am currently working on. I’m proud of how my writing has grown, and I’m just feeling all around giddy.

What about you?
I want to know why you love your book, and if you are mainly a reader, then tell me why your favorite book on here is your favorite.

Let’s just get all mushy around here!!

My answer: I love my book because of the twists and turns that I have both already written and are planning to write. I’m also so proud of my pacing. I’ve rushed books in the past, even the first one I posted on here was rushed, and I feel like my current work is not.
I’m just feeling good :blush:

I love that I’m actually writing and producing work again after a 3-year hiatus, and what I’m producing has been received well so far. I like knowing that I’ve been able to connect with readers once again! :grinning:


I’m proud of the weird ideas I’ve come up with for my poetry collection. Have to give a little credit to sleep deprivation XD. My poetry has drastically improved over the fours years since I first tried to write one to see just how bad it would be :rofl:


I love my book cause I have worked pretty hard at it while striving away from my comfort zone of 1st person. I took on the task to do college students, and attempt to make it as non-cliche as possible. Other than that, there is a lot of death and emotions.


I love that!

That’s really awesome! Were you on Wattpad when you took the hiatus?

I love my book mostly for the characters. They’re all so different from each other, with conflicting views, morals and beliefs, but in the end they work together for a common goal: Protecting the Empress from the machinations of the Black Ministry. The setting is also based upon one of my favorite empires, the Byzantines.


Usually when I write a book, it all starts off with me loving it and feeling all excited over it but then as I finish it, I become less excited and I love it less. Then, by the time I complete it and move onto a new book, I hate it. xD Don’t know why…

But with my current book In the Dark, I’m pretty okay with it because I’ve noticed how much I’ve grown as a writer with this. I started it back in November of 2017 and I finished the first draft in February of this year (2019). Since April, I’ve been revising it as much as I possibly can to improve it, and I’ve done that, too. There are still some kinks I can work out before I finish my final draft (this last one I’m currently doing) and hopefully, by the time I’m finished with it, it’d be good enough for me to move onto the next book.

What I love the most about ITD is the fact that everything about it is new to me and I believe I did a good job with executing it all. It’s a murder mystery, the first I’ve ever written. The main character is a racially mixed male (also the first with both; most of my past MC’s have been white females—but honestly, his race isn’t the focal point of the story, so it’s hardly mentioned). And the story features a lot of LGBT+, racially diverse, and just personality diverse characters so it’s definitely mixed with a lot of various elements—all of which is new to me as most of my characters tend to be straight, white, and “normal.” The story also has ten main characters (nine including my MC) and that’s also new for me, too, since most of my stories have four or five main characters.

I’m really happy with how far it’s come, though. :heart:



No I wasn’t, I’m newish here. I wasn’t producing anything for 3 years because I was so preoccupied with completing my Masters, and didn’t even share whatever I had backlogged. So being on Wattpad is a big step for me, I’m glad I’m finally sharing my story and writing much more regularly again.


I love my book cause I’ve grown that close to my characters. They’re amazing to write about, even if I do put them through hell every now and then. I also love how even if I screw up the plot a bit, it still somehow flows with the story


Because people have told me it is the most unique thing that they have read in a long time. And that’s hard to do :slightly_smiling_face:


Because it is mine and mine alone.


Because I feel like I created a mini world that people can dive into to. I have two in particular that I consider my best work (in varying degrees of course)


That’s always great seeing how characters can complement each other then end up working together. Yay!

NIce! I usually feel the same way when I finish a book. My first book on here was finished a year ago, and I struggle to not just take it down on a daily basis lol. And I think it’s awesome that you’re not only going outside of your comfort zone, but also doing well!!

I found that Wattpad, even when absolutely no one was reading my work, holds me accountable and makes me try to have a regular updating schedule. It forced me out of writer’s block.

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Good job! It is hard haha

Yes, I love that

Thank you. It’s also really hard for me to admit I did anything right- so it’s a big deal for me :joy:

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That’s great. Are they both finished, or are you still working on them?

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