Why do the cars in cars have teeth if gasoline is their food

well I don’t knew the answer myself. Anyone know so please answer

this is what I always thought. like why we all cannot be just good, kind, grateful to each other, no conflicts, no bad thoughts for each other why? A perfect world

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girl I also want to be a boy buy you know we all her born in our correct gender. We are born in that gender to bring the change in society, to overcome the orthodox thinking by destroying it. It’s a free world where people who criticize on other people’s sexuality have to learn that it’s not right

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I have another one. Why am I awake at 4AM thinking about the fact I could get infected with covid tomorrow?

I am glad you like Asian style

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well then you will enjoy to attend school in India. like we have lunch at same time. Teacher comes to our classes. we carry books according to our timetable so there are no lockers, then we have different schedule for different week days.

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Same here in Chile. That’s why American Schools confuse me

why do so many people consider people being lgbt+ as a sin or something bad, im bi myself so it really gets on my nerves.

why can’t my life be easier ;-;

everything thinks about this but you know our life is way too much easy from some people if we compare

but I want to attend the american school just for experience. It would be like fun

The cars from the movie cars have teeth

But they eat gasoline

oh I haven’t watch that movie so I don’t knew it but thanks for telling lol!!

I think bisexuals were mostly fine. But religion always had a problem with homosexuality and for a pretty good reason.

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You’re fine the the Indian one. Trust me. At least you learn a lot of things which would be useful…though yeah, you don’t get time to reflect upon yourself and what you want and like. But for education purposes, Asian standards are the best.

I am very grateful for listing your views about Asian standards. You know what I just want to try how is it as you know for an experience. Like the exchange student

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Yeah, well the experience is awesome initially. There’s less pressure and a general consensus to try and experience new things. At least that’s how it’s in college. The fun part about this system is that you can choose what to do up to some degree.

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yeah :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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