Will horror get handled properly in Wattys 2020?

As one of the horror writers who submitted for Wattys 2019, I was as upset as the rest of you upon discovering that the WP judges combined the “horror” and “paranormal” genres, leaving all trace of horror books twisting in the wind while rewarding a bunch of urban fantasy stories. With the new rules in place for 2020 (50K words, novel published after Jan 2017), I’m trying to find out if this cobbling of genres is going to be the standard for this year also.

Has anyone heard if this is the case for Wattys 2020? I see in the requirements guide that it’s listed as separate genres. However, once burned, twice shy…

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The Wattys Award Categories page mentions ‘Stories will be considered for the following ELEVEN (11) genre-specific award categories’. As Horror and Paranormal are listed separately and they make up two of the 11 categories listed on that page, it looks like they may be separate award categories :blush:


Oh, heck… I guess my book isn’t eligible anyway, now that I look at the rules on the next page. After last year’s debacle, I already published it on Amazon, Smashwords, Royal Roads, and other sites. Not taking it down now.

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