WINNER! May 15


@Makaylasophia and @Prisim



@Makaylasophia if you’d like to do your own pixel art, just make it square and it’ll work :diamond:


Congrats! Now bring that crazy bunny here! :joy: @Prisim


I feel as if I have so much power.

Is it too conceited to make an emoji of myself? To make my face available on the potential future of Wattpad forever?

I’m going to edit the one I made earlier :slight_smile:


wipes tears I’d like to thank the academy for this opportunity to unleash the crazy blue bunny of flufftonia!



will adjust if wanted!


Maybe a slightly darker blue so it stands out against the white a little more. Otherwise… my very own emoji! :sob: (those are tears of joy)




There we go! Now it stands out a bit more. :heart_eyes_cat:


testing one more :prisimtest1:


OK so #2 true blue?


Yup I think I like the darker one better. The whiskers get a bit lost, but the darker blue stands out against the white a lot better so the form of the bunny is more noticeable.



Does this work? It’s a square, just a PNG.








testing :prisim: because ive been messing with it


:makaylasophia: :makaylasophia: :makaylasophia: AHHH ITS A MEEEE



Looks good to me :heart_eyes_cat::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim: GO ARMY OF CRAZY BUNNIES!