WINNER! Monday May 14


@FetchingPenumbra gets to choose and name an emoji!!!

Official Club-Kiler Contest Winner

Steps to claim your prize @FetchingPenumbra
Choose an image (NounProject is pretty great) and let me know what you want it called so that users can put : yourimagenamehere : to use the emoji


LOL I know what one I’m picking if I ever win. BUNNY ON CRACK!


Did you know you can specify the color of them, too?

You should pick blue. xD

Edit: Wait. No. Colors aren’t free. Darn.


Or Table flip

I prefer the japanese emojis for table flip but this is good too


I did, but it wouldn’t let me link the blue one since you have to buy it :laughing:


If I win, I’d totally pick a star emote and just name it “lumi”


I will totally color it


I’ll also run it by you, duh, so you can approve


Now I just need to come up with a topic for people to vote on :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: (I really suck at coming up with topics for anything)


I like this one:

This site is so nifty.


criticism welcome — i decided to post it here so our esteemed peanut gallery can also weigh in :slight_smile:


Why are the whiskers not fully white?


i love that @FetchingPenumbra hasn’t even noticed yet…


BLUE BUNNY! (you did the same thing I did :rofl:)



because i’m BAD at graphic design :joy:


I think @FetchingPenumbra is asleep right now because timezones.


ohhhhh where are they based?


Or they have a life and don’t spend their entire time on the clubs like we do :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


If I remember correctly, I think @FetchingPenumbra is from Greece.