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Wonderland Club

Welcome to,Wonderland Comment Spam, where we are accepting all stories! If you clicked that link that means you’re interested in possibly beocming a member! But before you fill out the form, there are a few things we, at Wonderland, would like to tell you.

Wonderland Comment Spam will be happening both here in the community and also in the Comment Spam book on the Wonderland Club Account.

We’re always accepting so don’t let the comment number in this topic fool you. Any new (or old) members (or non-members), feel free to jump in whenever you would like.

We also have a discord chat room that you’re more then welcome to join, either it’s to talk about general stuff, or say what you really like a book that you might’ve read in the group.

Wonderland Book Club - Profile

Wonderland Comment Spam - Link for the Spam Club if you want to go there or fill out the form below

Wonderland 2019 - Link for the Book Club

We Are

A Comment Spam Club. Here in Wonderland Comment Spam, we aim to have 5 in-line comments on your chapter(s)! With 15 people minimal reading it! So that would equal about 70 in-line comments!

There will be two forms below but you will only be able to fill out one each cycle. Form #1 will allow all Genre (with restrictions. Please see rules to see what those are). Form #2 is made for those who don’t want to or cant read Mature, Fan Fictions, and Spiritual. Any one (of any age) can decide on which form to pick, so long as they know what they are getting into and abide Wattpad Guidelines.

How Things Work

A book every 48 hours (2 days) will be picked from among 15 readers in the cycle they are in. In those 48 hours (2 days) everyone, expect for the author of the book, will need to place a minimal of 5 in-line comments. If someone fails to comment in those 48 hours (2 days) the Wonderland Club will make up for that person and they will get a warning.

All books will be chosen at a random order, including mine and any one who joins as an admin/mod (I don’t know what to call them.). All 15 books will at one point be chosen from the cycle before it ends.

One cycle will last 30 days with a 2-3 day break for anyone who was in that cycle can start again. Anyone who wishes to continue the cycle will have to let me know in that 2-3 day break and provide the next chapter they want picked.

When deciding on the chapter it can be any number as long as it is 900 words long. If you want chapter 15 in your story read, very well. But please note that no one is required to read the chapters leading up to it if they don’t want to. If you decide to stay and decided that after having your chapter 15 commented on that you want to hear more someone feelings in an earlier chapter, that is okay.

This is a Comment Spam Club where you are free to comment however you want on the chapter as long as it meets the 5 in-line comment requirement. If you want to make suggestions, that is up to you. If you want to just say “Amazing” “No way!” “Sweet”, those comments are acceptable.

Wonderland Rules

Rule #1: All Genres are allowed but I have to put restrictions on a few.

Mature Books - When asking for in-line comments please avoid the chapter(s) that have heavy duty sexual presence. Please leave a warning in the form if you want a chapter that includes heavy violence, talk about suicide, or anything that might be triggering.

Fan Fiction - When asking for in-line comments please make sure that your story is Open Fan Fiction, so any reader can read it. That means I want to be able to dive into the book and not have to do research about the thing you are writing to understand.

Spiritual - I do not know much abut this genre, therefore I do not know what restrictions to put on it. I will personally look at the chapter and see if people will be able to comment on it or not.

Rule #2: By filling out the form(s) you agree to read all books that are accepted, including Mature, Fan Fiction, and Spiritual. While form 2 is meant to help keep these three genre away from certain people, I can not assume that will always work. Some works are marked as Mature when some/many chapters might not have it. Meaning that while I will look at the chapter to make sure it meets the rules, I can assume that the rest of the book will follow the guidelines.

Rule #3: Accepting 15 people per cycle.

Rule #4: Extensions are allowed if you aren’t able to read in the time frame but you will have to let me know before hand.

Rule #5: For proof of comments please include #WCS or #CSBC in your 5 in-line comments. Which stands for Wonderland Comment Spam and Comment Spam Book Club. (Only one tag is required in the comment.)

Rule #6: Be Respectful and Responsible.

Rule #7: 5 in-line comments minimal. Examples of what they look like are below:

Ex. 1: Nooo, why did you have to kill them.

Ex. 2: I love her!

Ex. 3: I wasn’t expecting that.

Ex. 4: Amazing description

Ex. 5: I can relate!

Rule #8: Chapters are required to be at least 900 words but they can be more. (This may change if 900 words isn’t enough all those comments.)

Wonderland Form:

Form 1: (For those willing to read all Genre)




Chapter you want commented on:

Did you read the rules:

How long is a cycle:

Are you Form 1 or Form 2:

Form 2: (For those who won’t read: Fan Fiction, Mature, Spiritual)




Chapter you want comments:

Did you read the rules:

How many people per cycle:

Are you Form 1 or Form 2:

Comment Spam Club [FULL]

{Edited as I figured out what to use it for! I knew I would need a second comment}

Current Cycle(s) Authors, Books, and Chapters
  1. whatislive || Raising Hell || Chapter 3

  2. LaughingMan109 ||
    Book: Blue V- The Man With No Face! || Chapter 4

  3. AverySummers || 12:01 || ▹2

  4. eliyeda || Loving Ivy’s Colorful Mind || Prologue

  5. draphy || The World Changer || Chapter 1.2

Past User's Who Can Always Come Back

nmdean || To Dance with Foxes
alex_veronica || When Life Gives You Lemons
moonshinedeer || A Story Of Irene Rosier
EncryptedWriting || New Sight
SammyWilkonsin || Red Lips
nicolettem64 || Just Survive
cindy_nader || Departure
Raddiya01 || Jessica
AngelRose180 || Parallel Nightmare


I’m interested, but got a little confused, so the book club is different from the spam one, and the book club is the one I need to sign a form for? Is this right?

@eliyeda || Loving Ivy’s Colorful Mind || Chapter 10





I was just getting ready to reply lol It’s fine I’m myself am terrible at explaining things! So I figured that was it.

Of course, it’s not problem. I have plenty of free time and I feel kinda bad lol


another question, do I fill in the form as a comment in the book? or here? I uess is in the book, right?


I’m interested in joining! I can’t believe @italychick left though. I’ve seen her around a lot and it’s just so bizarre. Hopefully it’s just some wattpad glitch or something…

Username: draphy

Book: The World Changer

Genre: Fantasy adventure.

Chapter you want comments: Chapter 1 part 1.

Did you read the rules: Yup!

How many people per cycle: 15.

Are you Form 1 or Form 2: Form 2 please.


I forgot to add that, which is my own fault. You (and the others) don’t need to fill out the form again unless you want to. Because I believe my forms are mostly different. If you want to fill out the form, either place is okay. I’ll respond faster here as this is my main account but I’ll be checking that one a couple times day.

I hope that made sense lol


For real, thanks for doing this!


I’m hoping it was a glitch too. I’m just surprised that it happened. I’m more then happy to. I had planned to wait until I had finished hers to start something like this as it seems some people are willing to do it.

Thanks for the form! I’ll make sure you end up in the second one! I’ll add you to the list.


What the heck, I’ll fill it in just for the fun of it. :smiley:

Book: Loving Ivy’s Colorful Mind

Genre: Teen Fic, Romance, Mental Health

Chapter you want comments: Chapter 10

Did you read the rules: Yes

How many people per cycle: 15

Are you Form 1 or Form 2: Form 2


I’m okay with that lol Thank for taking the time to fill it out!


Perhaps we should wait a few days to see if she comes back. I also think it’s bizarre that she left all of the sudden and without notice, since she seemed like an active user. In fact, I’ve been PMing her on and off for a couple of weeks and she seemed very enthusiastic about the book club. Let’s hope it’s all a big misunderstanding. But if not, then I think we should definitely go through with this idea.


I like that you made a separate account, though! I think taking screenshots/providing links with proof of our comments was not the most efficient idea. If we do this, we should use a book club hashtag instead.


I also hope that she comes back and everyone is free to return to her if they would like. No one is required to take part in this if they don’t wish to and I will admit that I feel like I’m hijacking her people which isn’t my intention at all. I’m just not sure when she’ll make her return (hopefully before the timer goes off lol)

But I had planned on making a sort of book club/commenting spam club anyways and this gives me chance to get it ready, re-organized, and hopefully bring people my way.

I’ll admit I’m not to sure the best way yet. I, honestly, never ran anything like this but I’m hoping that this will be a great learning experience and that I’ll be able to handle it. (I believe I’ll be able to).

I couldn’t figure out the sort of hashtag that would go with the Book Club. Any suggestions is more then welcomed. (And I figured if I wanted others to help it would be better to have a different account lol)


I’m interested!

Username: @alex_veronica

Book: When Life Gives You Lemons

Genre: Teen Fiction

Chapter you wanted commented on: Chapter 15

Did you read the rules: Yes

How long is a cycle: 30 days (and 15 people)

Are you Form 1 or Form 2: Form 1


Awesome! Seeing as you were in the other group I hope it’s okay that I stick to the 25 right now or until I know everyone’s positions. (Unless you would prefer to wait for the 15 people instead.)


I’m willing to help a little and offer advice if you need it, but I can’t make huge time commitments to being an administrator. I’ve done similar things before and been part of lots of book clubs, so I can offer as much “expertise” as that.

Don’t feel like you’ve hijacked the club. Since her account has vanished, it’s pretty much up for grabs. You’re a member of the club, so you’re entitled to make something of it. And if she returns and blames you for starting something new, just tell her it was my idea. I can take the heat for you. :wink:


Usually, book club hashtags are an abbreviation of the book club name. In this case, we can do something like:

WWBC (Winter Wonderland Book Club)
CSBC (Comment Spam Book Club)
CS (Comment Spam)


I don’t mind waiting, I’m just a little bit confused as to what you mean. Are you accepting 25 people instead of 15 now?