Wonderland Comment Spam Club {Closed}



No, I probably got it confused up in there. I’ll try to explain it better here.

While my goal is 15 people per cycle, @italychick had it as 25 people so that there would be a lot more comments. Because some of my things are different from her’s, I’m offering anyone from that club the chance to come here so that it can be continued in case it wasn’t just a glitch.

Everyone that I had tagged are allowed to follow the rules she had in her club so they don’t feel restricted by my own. Also so they don’t feel my rules are unfair as I’m willing to accept Mature, Fan Fiction, and Spiritual with restrictions. I know a lot of people don’t like those genre (reason i have two forms) and want everyone who does come to this side to feel welcomed.

While I’m not sure if the complete 25 will be coming or not, I just want to make sure you were okay with waiting for them all or if you only wanted to wait for the 15 mark. As I’m sure the 15 will be happening a lot sooner, (if people feel like joining.)

Which you said you didn’t mind waiting, which i am thankful for. I hope that explained what I meant better.


Oh, okay, yes! Honestly your rules seem fine to me so I can just wait for the 15 people! (:


Advice would be wonderful lol I’m not too worried about administrators at the moment as I should be able to handle this amount.

Lol I can’t but feel like that but you words are comforting. I’m sure she wouldn’t blame me and even if she did I wouldn’t just throw you at her. By agreeing and creating it I’m at fault as well. I’m more then willing to let her help out if she wants, or to let anyone who wants to, to go back to her.

Wow, I will say that you’re better at making the club hashtags better then me. I’ll defiantly end up using your suggestions above. Probably CSBC (Comment Spam Book Club).

Oh how does this one sound?

WWCS (Winter Wonderland Comment Spam) - It feels long when written lol


Awesome :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to tag you then for 15 people!


Lol, WWCS is a bit long, but I love the combination! I think 3 letters generally works best. You can always change the name of the book club in order to shorten it (Wattpad usernames are super easy to change). But if you don’t want to do that, I’m sure it will be fine.


I’m not happy with wattpad lol

It was a bit long so I lost the winter part and going for WCS (Wonderland Comment Spam) I mean it’s still long but at least it’s missing a word lol The profile is correct unavailable (freaking wattpad) as I was trying to make everything match. So wattpad made it unavailable but i’m hopping it won’t last more then 24 hours. (did it always make a profile unreachable?)

No, you were right. Seeing as its a new year and already half way through winter (I think) it was better to ditch that part. I like Wonderland Comment Spam better!


I have directly filled out the form in your Wonderland Comment Spam book. Is that alright?


Yup, that works for me! Thank you :slight_smile: and Ill make sure to let you know when there is enough people.


I’m still interested in this


Username: EncryptedWriting

Book: New Sight

Genre: Werewolf

Chapter you want comments: Chapter Four: Lurking Shadow

Did you read the rules: Yep!

How many people per cycle: 15 please

Are you Form 1 or Form 2: Form 2


Awesome! I’ll add your name to the list! And tag you know when there are enough people!


Thanks for filling out the form! lol I’ll make sure to add your name to the list and tag you when there are enough people.


Still Accepting! No matter who you are.

So far we have 9 people!


Username: @LaughingMan109
Book: Blue V- The Man With No Face!
Chapter to comment on: 3 (1 - 3)
Genre: Fantasy
Did you read the rules: yes
How long is a cycle 30 days (But i would suggest to keep it 48 hrs per cycle)


Awesome! Thanks for filling the form out! Ill make sure to tag you when we have enough people.

Yes, I agree with your suggestion. While I might try other things out the time will remain the same, 2 days (48 hours).




Username: Kk Nortan

Book: Red Lips

Genre: Fantasy

Chapter you want comments: I don’t care

Did you read the rules: Yes

How many people per cycle: I’m not sure about the question

Are you Form 1 or Form 2: 2


While you are accepted, and I will tag you when we have enough people, I am also going to make sure that you understand the rules and the questions. My reason being:

Chapter you want comments: I don’t care

How many people per cycle: I’m not sure about the question

Did you read the rules: Yes

I’m going to address each of these below:

Chapter you want comment(s).

Because you said “I don’t care” I will go ahead and mark it as the first chapter. While it can be any chapter in the book that the comments on be on, it will only count for this chapter and if it has one of the two tags: #WCS or #CSBC. While not clarifying a chapter is a problem as I can randomly pick it one would be unfair on the author/writer for me to do so. If you would like a different chapter please let me know before you book get’s picked.

I know I hadn’t clarified this in the first box and I’ll apologize as that partly my fault.

How many people in a cycle and Did you read the rules.

This goes hand in hand and while I am willing to accept you, I wanted to make sure that they are understood. As you answer “Yes” when it came to this question but your answer had been “I’m not sure about this questions” to another question, which is understandable if my rules and explaining were confusing.

This rule is #3: Right now I am accepting only 15 members but this may change. Anyone may join any time, but will have to wait for a new cycle to start or for enough people to join once again.

I also have: A book will be picked from among 15 readers —

And looking back at it I can more understand why you might not be sure about the answer. I hadn’t clarified that it would be 15 people per cycle, instead I had only put 15 members/readers. Which is my own fault and I’ll apologize for not having it clear.

If there was anything confusing in the rules that you didn’t understand or maybe wasn’t clear enough for you, please, feel free to let me know. I want to make sure everyone knows what they are signing up for.


No you’re good


Awesome! We are now up to 11 people!