Wonderland Comment Spam Club {Closed}





What if your chapters aren’t 900 words?


I’m very confused, but I still want to participate in the comment spam!


Because you were from the original topic (I believe) that’s okay if your word count is more or less then 900. Anyone who wishes to join who I had tagged from that other group is free to and can only to the rules she (italychick) had in place for the first cycle.

But in general, even if the word count was more or less than 900, I would still go and look at the chapter to see how relatable it might be to a person and if it will be possible for a group of people to leave a large amount of individual comments.


What are you confused about?

And i’m more then happy to accept you. I’ll go ahead add your name, book, and chapter (unless you wish to change the book and chapter you want commented on) to the list.


Got it, thank you!


Username: @averysummers

Book: 12:01

Genre: teen fiction

Chapter you wanted commented on: the revised chapter of 12:01 (it has the arrows)

Did you read the rules: yes

How long is a cycle: 30 days, I believe? There are 15 people and each book has 48 hours that you need to comment on, so…

Are you Form 1 or Form 2: form 1, please. thank you so much!


Thanks! I still want Just Survive Chapter 1


Of course, no problem.

Yes, 30 days. I probably have that part confusing. I’m working on making sure everything is clear lol sorry.

Awesome! Thanks for filling out the form. I’ll, of course, make sure to tag you when we have enough people. Which hopefully isn’t too far of.


Awesome! I already went and added that. I’ll of course tag you when we have enough people.


I’m actually going to drop out, I have a feeling school’s going to get hectic


Thank you!


of course. Thanks for letting me know



Fun Fact:

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We got everyone that we need! So excited to get this started. I’ll be tagging everyone at 11:59pm Central Time tonight, both here in the community and also in the book.

I’ll have a post a link to a stopwatch here for those who want to know how much time they have left.


It is time for the first Comment Spam to begin! Everyone who’s been tagged with have the next 48 hours (2 days) to write 5 in-line commets. Remember to tag your comments #WCS or #CSBC and comment here or in the book club to let me know you are done.

(The link will take you to their chapter)

To Dance with Foxes - Chapter 1
By: @nmdean

A Timer for anyone who wants to keep watch of how fast 48 hours can slip on by. Counting from Wednesday 11:59pm central time to Friday 11:59pm central time.

@Sophiea34 @eliyeda @draphy @alex_veronica @moonshinedeer @whatislive @EncryptedWriting @LaughingMan109 @SammyWilkonsin @nicolettem64 @AverySummers @cindy_narder @CowgirlNacyMoore @StoryWritersNeverLie


Completed! 1-3 and 4-5



Thanks for the pictures and links. Made it a lot eaiser lol


No problem haha!