Wonderland Comment Spam Club {Closed}



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Feeling slightly outdone by everyone else lol I’ll also put that I’ve completed the required amount. (Should’ve done it when I first posted it. Ya’ll really beat me to it.)

Proof so no one can doubt it but pictures are not required for anyone else







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Verified! :slight_smile:


And the second Comment Spam begins! I’ve tagged everyone and the same rules apply as before. You have the next 48 hours (2 days) to write 5 in-line comments. Remember to tag your comments with #WCS and to comment here or in the book club that you done. If you need an extension let me know!

For this second randomly picked book we have:

12 01 - ▹1
By: @AverySummers

(Please note that this is the rewrite of the first chapter one and will be found later in the book. The link above should take you directly to the chapter.)

A Timer for anyone who wants to keep watch of how fast 48 hours can slip on by. Counting from Wednesday 11:59pm central time to Friday 11:59pm central time.


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Additional Note:

While it is not stated in the rules, I or an admin (sigh, if I ever get one) from the club, will make up for anyone who couldn’t comment on your story. Meaning that the club will add an additional 5 in-line comments and also contact both parties to make them aware. For the person who couldn’t comment, unless given a heads up, they will be required to still comment on the book(s) that they missed before getting the chance for their book to be featured.


Complete! No idea how to link comments, I’m sorry :confused:


It’s fine. No need to link the comments. I usually go and check out the book anyways to make sure lol

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Hi, I am still interested in this. I’m like 9 days late but I had no internet at the time.




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Verified! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!

Right now there is one cycle going and full but I’m unsure if one of the members in it will be taking part as they haven’t commented or let me know.

If you want to join that one let me know and we can figure out how to make it fair if you do.

There is also another cycle who hasn’t started yet and has two members.




Done!! This is fun! ^^


Is this bookclub still open? And if so, is the bookclub one where we stick with one partner for the most part? I am interested in finding a bookclub that will eventually get my whole story read, versus just the first 3-4 chapters.