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Sorry for my absence, things have been really busy at work and with my life. But I am back and I read through most of the thread. Is it like a new cycle every other day or? I’m a bit confused.


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It’s fine, it’s completely understandable. Life happens to everyone and sometimes it’s uncontrollable. I’ll try to my best to clear things up for you and how it works. If you have any more questions feel free to let me know.

A cycle begins when there are 15 people.

For example, we have a cycle going right now because there are 15 people to take part in it.

For another example, I have a second cycle with only 5 people in it and it won’t be starting until it hits the 15th members mark. That means they are still waiting for 10 more people to join it.

Cycle lasts 30 days.

Each cycle lasts about 30 days. The reason it lasts 30 days is so we’re able to cycle through all the books in the list. Each book and it’s one chapter is given 48 hours.

In those 48 hours every one, except the author of the book, are expected to comment 5 times.

48 hours per book

Continuing from the above, each book is given 48 hours. (Which I believe this might be the part that might’ve confused you or what you meant about your question about the cycles.)

In those 48 hours, each person is required to do 5 in-line comments.

An example for how the 48 hours work:

{Book Name and Link}
{Chapter Name}
Start: Saturday 9th, 11:59 pm central time
End: Monday 11th, 11:59 pm central time.

The above is roughly how it’s shown in the Comment Spam Book on the Wonderland Club Profile. It’s less organized in my comments on here (which I’m looking in different ways to fix it that seem right to me.)

Each Book is Randomly Selected

Each book for the cycle is randomly selected by an app on my phone or from my computer. However, while each book is random it is up to the author to decide which chapter they would like to put it. If the author doesn’t pick then as I do with the books I will also put in numbers in the computer/phone and go from there. (That last part is a work in progress. Right now it’s just been the basic first chapter.)




Do you have to be part of the club to have your book considered? Just wondering :smile:



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I’ll admit that I’m slightly confused by what you mean but maybe my answer will answer your question?

For a book to be considered for any of the cycles all the person has to do is fill out the form. They aren’t required to continue after the cycle ends and they are required to remain a member. I’ll admit that I throw the word member around a little too freely when it comes to this. (I just can’t think of the other name that people are called when taking part in something.)

Additionally, if the author wants their book to be considered for the whole thing they will have to take part, but there is no guarantee that someone will continue once they get comments on their book. All books are randomly selected from those 15 people, meaning that the books won’t be in the order the members might be listed.

I consider this group/club to be something like a comment for comment and not read for read.

So I’ll sum what I mean up in hopefully simpler words as the above got me slightly confused reading it (sorry!).

For a book to be considered the author will need to do two things:

  1. Fill out a form

  2. Comment on the other 14 books in that cycle

Meaning I think the answer to your question would be; Yes, a person has to be part of the club for their book to be considered.

Otherwise, it would be unfair to the others that are taking part and will also result in them more or less getting kicked out of the cycle. However, there are exceptions to every rule.




Okay got it! Thanks for the clarification! :smile:




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Of course and if you’re ever interested in joining feel free to come back and fill out the form at any time!


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Starting this a few minutes early I give you:

And the seventh Comment Spam begins! I’ve tagged everyone and the same rules apply as before. You have the next 48 hours (2 days) to write 5 in-line comments. Remember to tag your comments with #WCS and to comment here or in the book club that you done. If you need an extension let me know!

For this seventh randomly picked book we have:

A Story of Irene Rosier || Chapter Five - The Return To Durmstrung I
By: @moonsinedeer

A Timer for anyone who wants to keep watch of how fast 48 hours can slip on by. Counting from Monday 11:59pm central time to Wednesday 11:59pm central time.

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Thank you for clearing that up. I guess I will wait for the next cycle to be apart of.