Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III



Hey, that’s still 100 words!


:30 - :50?


Well, I don’t like the time marker method bc my time is always different from everyone else lol. I have a timer.
Sure. Start?


Lol whatever works. Sure I can start now


honestly that’s one of my favorite things to write. in a previous draft, i got to write brother killing brother’s love interest and then the “o-OH. OH, NO. YOU WERE IN LOVE WITH HER?


Hahahaha saaame. I love death scenes

And the intense, emotional inner turmoil of Neyva now :smiling_imp:



I got 371




I say, even if I write a sentence I count it as writing lol


Even a sentence is better than nothing


Btw your write out of chronology advice is working (it was you, wasn’t it?)


Um maybe? I’ve given that advice before so possibly?

I’m glad it’s working though!


Yeah. Thanks (I realised I forgot to type thx in the last post lol)


DZAAAAAYUMN, look at my 201 words. that’s the best i’ve done in a long time lol.

i guess it’s easier when my character is just pissed and overanalytical.



bump for life




anyone here?

@daisydoesnothing @shinomiyadr @vtaedone




Short bursts work best for me, and I want to get at least 1k down tonight.