Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III









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Saskia smiled to herself as the pair fell quiet. As they sat by the fire, the basecamp slowly began to increase in activity. All throughout the camp, sleepy faced soldiers both young and old began making their way out of the tents and setting up fires for breakfast. Saskia couldn’t help but notice that they looked exceptionally bored, a stark difference from the faces of the starving civilians she’d seen only yesterday.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Anything, Maiden.”
“Just outside this camp I’ve seen dozens of people, children even, starving. Meanwhile, your soldiers seem to be sitting here fat and happy. How can you justify that?”

To his credit, Dorfus did not seem to judge her for her observations. Instead, he regarded her pensively before answering.

“Answer me this Saskia, when the Queen’s Army lands on our shores again, and it will, who will be the ones fending them off?”

“The soldier, but—”

“Yes, my soldiers, my men. They will be the ones putting their lives on the line, they will be the ones shedding blood in this city. You can argue yes, that in the meantime we should share resources. Disperse food to the remaining citizens in the city, but I have a feeling they would not accept it.”

That seemed far-fetched to Saskia and it must have shown on her face because she was met with a chuckle from Dorfus.

“We are Rhonan’s, Maiden. We are a proud nation. We raise our children in arguably the harshest conditions in Argenis, barring Scarthenia. And we know how to live off the land. Those men and women out there will live if they know how too, and I would not waste energy on matters we cannot change.”












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