Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III







Anyone around?


Shino is


war 40-00?








Someone war?






Anyone still around want to go for a quick match? 55-05?




Ah! Perfect! Okay start at 55 then. How’s your day going?




Same here! Don’t know why but the start of the year has been super busy! Hit the ground running, I guess.



Dorfus suddenly looked up behind Saskia’s head, “Rise and shine, Philip! The food’ll get cold if you’d slept an hour more.

Saskia looked behind her to see a bedraggled Philip with eyes still looking half sleeping and hair uncombed with a rather hilarious crows nest resting on his scalp. On the corner of his lip she could see the faintest shine of dried drool that must have escaped his mouth during sleep. It looked like it had been the first good nights rest he’d had in years.

“You look well this morning,” Saskia snickered.

Knowing that Philip was not a morning person, she got exactly the reaction she’d hoped for when his dreamy eyes suddenly glared at her.

“No worse than you,” he retorted between a rather dramatic yawn and stretch.

Saskia could not stop herself from self-consciously touching the gaping scar that traveled through her missing eye. She was thankful that he didn’t seem to notice as his attention was already turned to Dorfus who was admonishing him for his rudeness.

“Yes, yes,” Philip nodded acquiescently as he spooned out a heaping lunk of porridge from the pot over the fire. The corner of his lip was slightly lifted in disgust as the portions plopped unappetizingly onto his plate.



After that, I left the paint to dry. Hopefully, no one would be in here before I could come back to figure what I was gonna do with it.

Anyway, I went to my room to watch VR TV. I wanted to leave the girls be cuz they seemed to be in a mood.

The air was heavy today. If I hadn’t put on baggy clothing, it probably would’ve clung to my skin. It was warm and that wasn’t doing any favors.

I wished I could jump in a pool.

The mind-numbing TV wasn’t doing its job well at all.