Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III











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When I woke up this morning, Ai was gone. Her bed wasn’t made. She’d fallen sleep before I did. I’d just gotten through a good chapter of my mystery when I realized this. Since it was still fairly early and her stuff was still here, she must’ve gone to sleep with Duke and Natalie in the other room.

Something must’ve happened. Wondered what. She didn’t seem to mind sharing with me.

Anyway, I took a quick shower and changed my clothes. I didn’t use my internal dryer, though, since it was morning.

I read two more chapters of my book. If somebody like Audrey read them, they’d likely complain the chapters were long or dragged on. I relished in them, though. There was so much to comb through. I’d likely have to read the book a hundred times to even try to enjoy everything the author left on the proverbial table.

Anyway, it was midmorning by the time I got done. This was a good time to get breakfast. The others probably thought the same by now.

I ventured into the cafeteria. As I figured, the four of them were standing by an empty table. I got the sense they’d just got there.

Duke put his hands on his hips and studied Marshall. “Did you have a run in with a wild buffalo?”

Marshall shot him a glare. Oh, if looks could kill…

Ai pinched his ear. I got this weird sense somebody else wanted to do that to him, too. No clue why…

“Anyway. Let’s get ourselves food before everybody eats it all.”


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I’m just replying to all my comments from last week. Will be on in about 15 minutes :slight_smile: