Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III



You working on Rise or Kingdom of Decay?


I’m working on RISE… I haven’t touched Kingdom of Decay yet…


Are you still working on Crown of Chains?


Yes I actually am. I have hardly touched it lately, added about 2k words in the last 2 weeks. My outline isn’t really working so I’m gonna try and wrap it up quickly so I can work on something else and then rewrite it when I have my 10 week summer holiday after I finish my exams :slight_smile:


Oof, lucky you :joy:


I think it will be well deserved after 16 years of studying :joy:


I just finished high school and I’m starting uni at the end of the month


War anyone?


@JMayflower @NotLikeYouThink I’m finishing next year :woman_shrugging:


Omg your lucky!

I’m finishing high school on June 14th :slight_smile:

and then 2 more years of A-Levels and then 4 years for my degree


What are you going to be taking at college?


One thing I would recommend is starting to do really small bits of revision now for subjects and PROPER REVISION for end of unit tests, but go out to parties and with friends as much as you can. It’ll come quicker than you think


I have no idea what that last sentence says. But yeah, I’m going into teaching. This is the longest break I’ve ever had ever and it’s been about four months


Yeah I’m gonna go into teaching aswell.

A-Levels are like the second set of qualifications in UK


Oh okay.


I’m doing bits of revision now by alternating between subjects each day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Heheh I don’t have any friends to go to parties with


We’re your friends…

Of course, we’re far away from you


oh i didn’t go to any last year but this year, there’s been so many :slight_smile:


We’ll just have a word war party :joy:

@JMayflower I know there was a party a few weeks ago and there’s another one coming up around Easter time but ehhh… I prefer staying at home rather than socialising :sweat_smile:


Anyway… are we going to war or not? :joy: