Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III



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Almost as if on cue, some Firestead in a black toga shows up with paper, ink, and a quill pen. I start writing it down - Lumino/Auralee in specific spot, badmouth Destina, lead her to their place - accompanied with bad stick figure drawings of a tiny me and a tiny Lumino standing somewhere with Firesteads (very poorly drawn Firesteads) crouching in bushes holding crossbows. Lumino melts some wax and uses it to stick the paper to a nearby cave wall, our plans there for the rest to see.

“But wait!” Lumino says, realising something. “She can take control of us from a distance!”

“She can take control of you from a distance,” I say, “We have to make her want to take control of me. She wants you to die, it’s her narrative. She views you as the demon and me as the savior. She also knows that if you die, my heart would be broken and I’d probably just give up. And there’s no better way to do that than to get me to kill you! But I’ve got the locket.”

“No, no, I don’t want it,” Lumino says. “I wouldn’t want it, I’d want to be the -”

“No, you have to take it. You can’t be the one of us to make it through, Destina doesn’t want that. It would make for a bad story. I have to be the one to fight you.”

And in that moment, it’s like the world stops. Like both of us just realised something. That thing is that we legitimately don’t have a good plan to take her down, other than to lure her into an ambush, which would either risk the entire world or just not work.

“Could you make another locket?” I ask Lumino. “For you? She would have to go over to where we are, if -”

“No, I don’t have the time.” He says it in a way that sounds defeated. We legitimately don’t know how to do this, and if we don’t have a plan, we literally cannot win. “Is there any other ideas you have? Other than luring her into an ambush?”

“This war is a war of gods,” I say. “Perhaps the only way to win is to get the other gods on our side. We can’t do anything because we can’t kill Destina unless we find some weakness to her.”

“Or maybe she has to make plans, too, in order to do it without anybody else noticing,” Lumino suggests. “Interrupting her planning by badmouthing her, it could make her not think so well.”
“Or maybe, just maybe, there is one small thing that she has that we could exploit. What if, when she is possessing somebody, a small portion of her comes down to our world, with the rest of her stuck in the sky or something?”




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