Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III







Anyone here?


I am now if you still are!


Just saw this comment. I am.




Totally :3


I got just over half of an A5 page. (I’m writing in a notebook and my handwriting is pretty small so that’s maybe at least 100 words :sweat_smile:)


Cool! One of my friends used to write in notebooks. I tried, but it wasn’t really for me.
I wrote 302 words. I think I could have written a bit more, but I got a bit distracted in Sims 4 (had to turn it off because my laptop kind of overheated, I think, I am using a cooling pad underneath as well)


I used to use one but I stopped because a computer was more efficient. I’m using a notebook again because I want to write a story where I don’t have the plot outlined and see where it takes me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s a good idea. I could probably try that as well.

Wanna war again? How about :50 - :10 ?


I can’t, sorry. I have to leave at 55 :confused:


Oh, ok. Have a nice day! (idk your time zone). I guess I’ll finish some Kristen Stewart x Anton Yelchin logoless from “Fierce People”.


I’m an hour behind you :slightly_smiling_face: Have fun!






Finally Wattpad writers is back! It was down for me for about two days.


I thought something was wrong with my account for a bit XD


Idk why it happened…


I won’t be able to war for a couple of days due to an oral presentation on Wednesday.