Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III



Shino who?


(You should say she know you were coming)


Im so bad :joy: any way war?


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Yayyy time?






wish to join you all tomorrow maybe-


356 probably cringey…

I decided to work around four or so that day. The afternoon was incredibly busy. I probably made more money in those three or four hours than I had every day I worked since that day.

Anyway, Cole said he wanted to take me somewhere but wouldn’t say where. It must’ve been supposed to be a surprise.

Either way, I didn’t mind. It was a reason to stay out of the house longer. I could definitely appreciate that. My mood was something that could change pretty quickly.

He had brought me into a park. I wasn’t sure if it was the one where I set up, though.

He brought me to a spot with cherry blossom trees. Even though it was September, these ones were in bloom somehow. They were really pretty, regardless.

He took my hands and smiled. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

My cheeks burned. I always had a feeling he’d ask, but I never knew when. It honestly hadn’t seen this coming when he brought me out here.

I threw my arms around him. “Oh, sweet Minicha, Cole.” I pecked him on the cheek. “Yes!”

“I have something else, too.”

I tilted my head. He hadn’t brought anything with him. What else could he possibly have planned?

He pulled a pair of blankets out of his terminal and laid them in the grass. Then he set down a bowl and a picnic basket.

Honey had laid down in this hole beneath one of the cherry blossom trees. She was smiling. She must’ve found some sort of inner peace under there.

Wait. Cole probably didn’t know this, but Alastair used to live around here. I’d spied him near here a handful of times before I finally caught him.

Thinking about it, this place probably brought Honey back to a happier time. Heck, she was a dog. Dogs took their world in through their nose. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she could still catch a whiff of his scent beneath that tree.

“Come on over, girl.” Cole put some honey and carrots and chicken in a bowl for her. “Let’s have a nice dinner.”


Will be out of town tomorrow :sob: maybe Saturday though

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Thanks, but I was copying something I had written on paper which is how I do so good :joy: anyway, wanna go again? (My fingers aren’t used to all this typing, I’ve lost all my finger muscles. I didn’t even know those were a thing :joy:)






467, you?






sure! 10 min?