Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III








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Can I read the last bit and know what is going to happen next?


know next scene but is not flowing

It only took Alastair a few minutes to do doze off. After that, I left him to Honey and draped a blanket over him.

I went into Alastair’s room. Cole was in the room with Alastair’s brother. For some reason, his brother was throwing things around. Cole then took those things and stacked them in neat piles. Why did he think throwing things around would help him find whatever he was looking for?

“What are you looking for?”

“Cy!” Cole ran up to me.

“Alastair’s fine.” I scanned the room again. “From the looks of it, you could both use help.”

He put a hand on my shoulder. “That not what I’m worried about. You couldn’t even stand this morning. You’d been working like crazy.”

His brother looked up from the object he had in his hand. “Seriously?” He was trying to say this under his breath I still heard it. “You’re just as bad as my little brother.”

“Maybe I am, but I don’t care.”

His cheeks reddened.

Cole took a long breath. “What are you even looking for?”

“Are cell phones even a thing in this place? That’s what I’m looking for.”

“They’re majorly outdated, but yes, Cy and I are old enough to remember our parents having cell phones.” Cole tilted his head. “Why would that be in your suitcase?”

“Cuz I have no idea where else I’d put it. My friend made sure I had it when I left to see Star.”

Cole and I exchanged glances before I asked, “Could you have left it there?”

“In that barn?”

Cole shook his head. “I’m pretty sure she means the place you were in before that.”

“It’s definitely not there. Arthur made me keep it in my pants our last few days there.” He looked up. “My mind was all over the place after that, but I remember having it in the barn. It must be there.”

Cole grabbed his wrist. “Wait. What pants were you wearing in that time?”

“I’m pretty sure we need to do laundry,” I said. “It’s definitely slipped my mind.”

“Okay. Pull out all of your pants and we could put everything else away.”

He did what Cole asked.

When was the last time I did my laundry? I was probably down to my granny panties by now if I couldn’t remember.

It seemed like he brought more clothes with him than Alastair did when I met him, but I might’ve been biased. Alastair tended to gravitate more toward certain things than others.

We’d gone through more than half of the pants and the pockets were empty. Eventually we got to a faded, tattered pair he must’ve worn a lot.


What’s the next scene then?


after the character finds his phone or uses one of theirs, he calls Hannah to ask a question and ask for a present for Star.


I’d drop the word in bold

Wait do you mean this scene isn’t flowing or the next one?


words just don’t want out.


Do you have anything wrote at the moment? Maybe it just needs an edit quickly


the scene above is where I left off for current chap. kol is uncharted territory as this is new content