Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III



:rofl::rofl::rofl: Shino loves cats!


Anyone want to go again?






I have a list of japanese words youve said that Ive put through google translate, thought you should know




:15 to :35?




Sounds good!


finished VERY cringe-y chap. 142

I couldnt look at Cole when I got back. I mustve looked so weak right then

He wrapped his arm around me. Youre fine. Ive seen worse. He gazed into my eyes. Why dont we get out there? Things should be getting good soon.

I drew a long breath to calm my nerves. Sounds great!

I had such a great night with Cole! He was so light on his feet. He made it sound like he only did arts like drawing and painting, but I didnt want to believe it. He had an amazing sense of rhythm.

Alastair was no slouch, either. This definitely wasnt his first dance. He might not have really wanted to take Ame, but he seemed like he had at least a little fun. That was a win in my book since things havent been easy for him.




362 :blush:




Oh no! Whats the face for?


I feel so bad for Cyan!






hopefully tis less crappy



Sounds good! And hopefully


Can I join?