Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III



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“She’s not here,” Fanari told him.

“I was told she would be back.”

“She will be. Not sure when, but she will be,” she said. “Why do you want her?”

“I need her help,” he said. “The woman I loved disappeared, and I need to find her.”

“If you want to wait for her, you are more than welcome to,” Fanari said, “but you will need to respect our traditions.”

Rune nodded. “I will. I’ll talk to the Dragonborn about finding Elsebet, and then I will be on my way.”

Paces and Fanari shared a look, confused.

Paces looked back at the Imperial. “Elsebet is the Dragonborn,” he said slowly.

He shook his head. “No, you must be mistaken. Elsebet knows the Dragonborn.”

“You are the one that is mistaken,” Frea said, appearing behind her fellow Skaal people. “We have fought together, and I know her name well.”

He shook his head again. “But—she can’t be. She wouldn’t have lied to me.”

“Red hair, two different coloured eyes, about yea tall?” Paces asked, and put his arm up to show someone about six foot tall.

He nodded. “That’s her, that’s Elsebet.”

“I was just describing the Dragonborn,” Paces told him. “Just face it—your love is the Dragonborn.”

It had only been eleven days since Elsebet had been in Skyrim, and yet it felt longer. It was different, too, not having Marcurio beside her, like when she had arrived on Solstheim, but she would have to deal with it.

She thanked Captain Gjalund and disembarked his ship, and entered the city of Windhelm.

She always felt on-edge when she was in Windhelm, ever since she had yelled at Ulfric Stormcloak at the peace meeting up in High Hrothgar, and he had declared her an enemy. She was just glad that the guards didn’t know who she was, otherwise there would be a large amount of people either hailing her or running her out of the city.

Luckily, though, she got through the city without much hassle, and after getting her horse from the stables, started on the road to wherever.

She didn’t know where she was going as she took the road leading west. She didn’t know where any dragons were, or if they could feel her nearby. She was still relatively new to the whole ‘Dragonborn’ thing—it had been less than a year since she found out what she was—so there were still a lot of questions she had about her blood and her soul.

She didn’t know how long she had been in her thoughts, but as the sky darkened, she realised she was heading towards Winterhold. She shook her head as a light snowfall started, and she heard the roar of a dragon nearby.

Her ears pricked, and she threw her head up into the sky. A dragon was flying in the sky, too high up to see her, at the peak near the Shrine of Azura. She remembered going to the Shrine once, as a child, and remembered that there was a goat trail that lead through the mountains, going to the Shrine and up passed it.

She spurred her horse faster, and found the trail just south of Whistling Mine. A grin appeared on her face as the path went up sharply and looped around, goats dotting the trail, until she got to the Shrine—a large grey statue of Azura against the white-washed landscape of Whiterun, her arms outstretched and carrying a crescent moon in one hand and a sun in the other, stone robes billowing around her.

She remembered the Dark Elf that had tended the Shrine since before she was born, and the knowing smile given to her. She couldn’t remember the Dark Elf’s name, or what she even looked like, but she would always remember the words she had told her:

When the time comes, you will come back here. Either in this life or the next, Azura’s call will be too strong to ignore.

Her mother had taken her by the hand and refused to let her get near the Dark Elf again.

She shook her head of the memory as she dismounted her horse, and continued up the mountain trail to the top of the mountain. Before she reached the peak, though, she



Anja huffed and walked away with a brisk pace that made her red hair fly wildly. Selene shook her head and took a moment to process the news.

She could go look for Kaspian. She was curious about why he’d gone to Ulvberg and there were a few matters that she needed to discuss with him. It wasn’t urgent business, so she figured it could wait until supper. He had been gone for over week, surely there were other members of the pack that required his attention more than her.

A big heavy cloud began encroaching the sky. The frail sun rays started waining and the temperature dropped. Selene pulled her furs closer to her body. She was determined to watch the training for a little longer but the wind gained a strength that shattered that resolve. A snowstorm was coming and it would be foolish to wait for it outside.

Selene headed back inside, towards Freya’s rooms. The healer had probably heard of Kaspian’s return and would be able to tell her more.

When she arrived she pushed the doors open without pause. Stopping by Freya’s little work room every morning had become part of her new routine and the healer knew to expect her. Selene had stopped knocking after the first couple of days. This time when she walked in she didn’t find Freya grinding herbs or making notes in one of the many list she kept around the room. That morning Selene was welcomed by the view of a shirtless Kaspian sitting on stool right in the middle of the room.

He looked up when he heard her come in and sighed before turning his gaze towards his right side where Freya and Viktoria were standing. The three of them made an odd picture.


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I hadn’t seen her again between then and now.

“Are you new in town?” the auburn-haired woman beside her asked.


The blonde woman smiled. “You look just like my eldest son.” She laughed. “The resemblance is uncanny.”

“He does.” The auburn-haired woman turned her head. She stifled a laugh. “He really does.”

“As you might remember, the little monkey wearing goggles is mine.” Even her eyes were smiling. “He has so much energy he has a hard time sitting still at school.”

That reminded me of one of my big brothers. He couldn’t properly sit in a desk long enough to learn at school ‘til he started high school. We even learned the same things in the beginning, cuz he happened to be at the same level.

The auburn-haired woman said, “We tend to come together since my sprout won’t play if he thinks there’s too many kids out there.”

That reminded me of one of my sisters. She had earth powers. In the beginning, they made her incredibly sensitive to people’s footsteps. For a couple years, I did the same thing this woman did with her son.

“I need to feed him!” The woman jumped. “See you later!”

The auburn-haired lady grabbed her son and left.

It was then she motioned for me to join her on the bench. “My little monkey’s name is Graham. I can’t remember if we exchanged names or not at the store.”

“We probably didn’t.” My hands shook. “I’m Kiryuu.”

“Jamie.” She offered her hand, so I took it. “Were you able to get what you needed?”

I nodded. Sweat beaded my brow. “So, your oldest son doesn’t live with you anymore?”

“He went away to school fairly recently. He puts on a brave face, but I know Graham misses his big brother.”


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Noble Nords remember these words of the hoar father: Even best steel may bend and break, but flesh of true men is unyielding.

She planted her hand onto the glowing Word of Slen , of Flesh, but she knew it wasn’t Slen she was getting—it was a different Word, and as her skin absorbed the glow, she realised it was Iiz , the first Word in the Frost Form Shout.

She made her way back down the mountain to the Shrine of Azura, where her horse was waiting for her. He whinnied, and jerked his head towards the top of the fort-like structure that served as the statue’s base, and she followed his gaze.

Staring at her from the edge of it, dressed in dark blue robes, the hood over her head, was the same Dark Elf woman Elsebet remembered from her childhood.

Patting the neck of her horse, Elsebet made her way to the steps leading up to where the woman stood, and when she reached the woman, the statue towering over her, the Dark Elf woman smiled.

“I knew you would come back,” she said, “for Azura has seen your coming. It was not curiosity, but fate, that has led you here.”

Elsebet blinked at her for a second, before shaking her head. “I don’t believe in fate.”

“Perhaps it is what you are meant to believe,” she told Elsebet. “To better serve your role as Azura’s champion.


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