Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III



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yatta! Shino is cold…



sounds good!


Have to finish early. 403,



@NotLikeYouThink those words are nothing to sneeze at! Shino would need 25/30 minutes to get that!




Anyone want a war?


10-30? Shino’s mom gave her a nice, fuzzy robe!


Sounds good! And nice!


noty cold anymore! :blush::heart_eyes:


It’s getting hotter where I am :smile::smile:


not opposite sides of the world.


Yeah I’m in Australia


I wrote 79 words because I started browsing tumblr



Her eyes trembled. “In your pain, I don’t expect you to understand. My work is important and affects those in the various worlds. Hannah’s knowledgeable and has found a way to be so involved in your lives.”

My voice cracked. “How could you possibly understand how important she is to us when you’ve only ever watched from the outside?” Electricity pooled in my cheeks. “Hannah took me in when I was ten. I owe my life to her!”

“Maybe, I don’t, but I still have to look out for you. Whatever that means.”

“If Key Keepers aren’t your focus, then why are you a Protector?”

She gazed at me. “I do as Kayleigh asks. I do what I can to protect everyone.”

“That’s impossible.”

Honey asked why I was trembling.

“If you have work to do then leave.” I broke away from her. “It’s not like I care, anyway.”

Ame sighed and ran her hand across Honey’s back before disappearing.

I couldn’t stand to be there anymore. With no other choice, I went home. Cyan was awake by then.

She set a plate on the table. “Have at it.”

I couldn’t resist. My human need to eat overrode my prideful notion to not take the food.

When I was done, Cyan asked, “You alright?” She pulled the plate away. “Looks like you needed this really badly.”

“I’m fine.”

Honey pressed her head against the door to the fridge.