Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III







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“If you want more, there’s no shame in that. Honey seems to think you do.”

I sighed. “You’re supposed to be on my side, girl!”

“I think she is.” Cyan gave me another plate. “Sometimes, we need things and are just too stubborn to say so.”

I couldn’t resist. I had to scarf that food down, too.

Finally, I had to ask. “Why didn’t you get angry like everybody else when Ame told you about me?”

“What do you mean? She didn’t even say much, really.”

I looked straight at her. “People in this world hate Key Keepers, so why don’t you?”

“I don’t really even know why people even feel like that. The Key Keepers look out for us. We aren’t weak if we let them do that.”

What? How did she feel like that when everyone else didn’t?

“Can I see your mark?”

I just about fell out of my chair. “What? Why?”

“Your mark is on your hand, right? That’s why you were so hesitant to let us look at it. That didn’t go well for you.”

“Haven’t you already seen it?”

“I’ve never gotten a good look. Letting others take care of you is hard for you. With how much that spray seemed to hurt you, I wanted to get it over with as quickly and gently as I could.”

I turned my head. “Why would you put with someone like me?”

She made me look her in the eyes. “I knew from the first time I saw you. You’re a sweet kid.” She smiled. “Everything you’ve done is because you’re hurting and want to protect your puppy.”

Honestly, Cyan baffled me. How could she say that with so much conviction? I hadn’t known her long.

“I mean it, Alastair.” She wrapped her arms around me. “You can’t continue to carry this burden alone. It will destroy you. I want to help you however I can.”


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It took Archie Halfacre a while to realise that time had stopped.

The day had been pretty weird so far—that morning, instead of waking up in the Trial of Bones, he had found himself in what looked like a classroom, a teacher handing out that papers for an exam. Strange, but he thought it was a dream. He was still covered in rust and blood, his clothes still tattered, his handmade bow and arrows still on his back, and his knife was still in his left boot. And surprisingly, no one else was giving him strange looks, despite the fact that they were all in identical, pristine uniforms.

He shook his head and blinked as the teacher placed the exam booklet on his desk. It already had his name on it, and above it were the words “Mathematics: Calculators Allowed”. At the top of the desk was a pencil, a pen, a ruler, and a calculator.

Not really knowing what to do, he grabbed the pen and calculator and opened the booklet when the teacher told them to start.

The lull of pens and pencils on paper gave Archie rhythm. He wasn’t sure about a lot of the questions—his school (which was the only school in the City) hadn’t exactly taught maths as vital, considering that literal Paradise existed, and at one point or another, most people would go through the Trials to search for it. But for some reason, he also had a piece of paper that gave him all the formulas, while everyone else had to rely on memory.

It was about an hour into the test when he looked up at the clock to see the time, and realised that the hands weren’t moving. Blinking, he looked around the room, and realised that no one was moving. Even the rain outside had stopped, and was suspended in midair.

Priscilla was right, he was very unobservant.

Blinking, he put his pen down and tried to stand up, only to realise that he couldn’t. His butt was stuck to the chair, and the chair wasn’t moving, like it had been bolted to the ground. Panicking, he kept trying to move, but his feet only scraped the ground, and the chair stayed still.

He swore, tears welling in his eyes from the panic and anxiety that started pooling in his chest.

Where was Basil when he needed him?

His eyes went back to the clock on the wall, for some reason larger than normal clocks. The took up the entirety of the space above the whiteboard at the front of the room, its hands hidden behind glass.


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