Word Wars: Race Against the Clock Part III



I only got 240, lol.

@ShinomiyaDR, maybe do a short story? Those are easy to do.


Shino can’t really do that. books are as long as they come out to be.

bouncing between MtK and KoL. wanna do non-KK book, but it hasn’t worked…




Shino is here now. feel free to summon.




Working on hw at this point if you don’t mind?


Of course not! Shino is Shino.


As always! :smile: Time?






Copied my friends answers to the hw while she copied mine to a different homework. This is what friendships are for :heart: :joy:




Things went quiet for a bit after that. Thankfully, the Lock and my nightmares left me alone. Really, I needed a break from those things. Probably more than I was willing to admit.

Today was slow but it wasn’t.

Yesterday, Cyan left to run her stand. I didn’t go with her when she did cuz I happened to be asleep when she left.

For whatever reason, she didn’t come home last night. She hadn’t mentioned anything of note to me, either. No, she came home in the morning.

What happened to her? She looked like a ghost.

Maybe she was sick? It was possible… She could’ve gone to a hospital. Wait… If that happened, wouldn’t I have gotten a message from her? Or from the hospital if she needed it?

That couldn’t have happened.

When she got home, she face planted on the couch.

I hadn’t gotten to see that, though. I happened to be in the shower when that happened. If not for Honey, I might not have noticed right away.

Honey seemed to be a smart puppy. Cyan hadn’t bothered to kick her boots off when she got in the house. Honey got them off by herself.

I was leaning on the wall when she woke up.

She rolled over and nearly rolled off the couch. “Morning, Kiryuu.”


She pushed herself to her feet. “Well, I’m going to bed, so good night…”

I grabbed her before she could hit her head on the coffee table or something equally awful. “Take it easy, alright? You don’t need to be the hero.”


*resists from reading to avoid spoilers* I’m almost done reading your thing. Imma try to remember to finnish it on the bus ride tomorrow (that is if the kid next to me decides not to be an ass for once)


MtK right? above is from an unposted KoL draft.


No, I’m reading KoL rn. The draft you shared with me with the 4 episodes (unless you have more on there by now) Probably gonna start MtK in Winter or Summer break since it’s a bit longer and I get overwhelmed by books easily (cause slow reading…)


Shino needs to add them but tis easy, so will do it now.




Wanna go again?