Words you can never spell right?

Are there words that, no matter how many times spellcheck corrects them for you, you can never remember how to spell? For me, it’s “occasion” (I had to use spellcheck just then) and “occasionally” (and again).



Why two g’s and two s’s?! It makes no sense ;-;

That said, I don’t think this belongs in the Fantasy threads. This is more suited for the Café or IYW.


exhilarate and fascinating…


I’m an engineering student, so I have to deal with 1’s and 2’s complements a lot.

To be honest, i think that i spell ‘those’ and ‘these’ incorrectly sometimes.
But my grammar isn’t perfect so, i can make some mistakes >.>

tomorrow and definitely

Approach. Every single time lmaooo

Otherwordly / Otherworldly.

There and their. I’m able to catch them most of the time, but a few have slipped through my edits.


Thorough. I always have to look it up, or let spell check try to figure out what the heck I am trying to write. There are others too, but this is the worst one.

Anything with multiple s’s and c’s right next to each other.

Necessary or necessity…they are right here (I think) but if I tried spelling them on my own I’d get super confused.

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Every. Single. Damn. Time.

Attempts: Neckalce, Neckalace,etc.

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It taunts me, even when IT’S SUMMER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD I can never spell it right, but can spell words like humuhumunukunukuapua right first try. What’s with the c and the h? It’s ridiculously hard for me to spell shc- nope school? Is that right? I don’t know anymore…

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I don’t ever seem to make that mistake for some reason.

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Like, how many c’s and how many s’s are there? Accros? Accross?

Definetly??? Definitely!

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Oh, yes.
I struggle with words that have ‘ei’ or ‘ie’ in them like believe, protein, etc…

I use this trick for definitely: De+finite+ly

Vaccuum. There, I’m prety sure I missplelled it.

Also otu. It’s supposed to be out…

I’m pretty sure most of these mistakes are because I type too fast