Works-In-Progress Book Club

To members (you know yourself and you’ll be tagged),

This forum is for our WIP Books discussion where we can tackle anything about our works: improve each other’s writings; comment on book covers; remarks on styles, tones, dictions, vocabularies, and grammars; discuss our critiques on books we’ve already commented and currently reading; etc. (name it)

P.S. This will serve as our group chat (you know what I mean)


To non-members,
You can engage in our discussions if you like. You can also make comments and suggestions on our works. But I suggest you read our work if you’re really interested to be part of our discussion.

Our works are found in @SethAMott reading list WIP Book Club or mine @ajasolis WIP for Proofreading.

P.S. We’re not asking/forcing you to read our works. This forum’s main purpose is to improve our writing through discussing in group.

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List of 13 WARRIORS and their works:

A BEAST, A HERO, AND A QUEEN by @ZeroInstitute
MAYBE by @SocialBlogger
LIFE OF A MEAN GIRL by @GoldenHour21
TRIBE by @amayo_13
KLITHYIA by @Iavas_Fael
MASQUERADE by @The_Pretence
EIGHT, NINE, TEN by @ReenRodes
HIS MATE’S VERDICT by @ajasolis
VIRAL by @Storiesby_Shericejoy


By the way, thank you @SethAMott @ScottPhoenix @Storiesby_Shericejoy for proofreading my work. I feel like I’m getting my work to perfection lol. I’m currently writing/editing my chapter 8 so I might edit my corrections later this week.


As for leaving comments on other books, I can only promise a chapter a day because I’m writing, editing, working full time and have other responsibilities outside my work and writing too. In conclusion, I’m very busy right now. Even though I love to read and write and wish to do those all day and night, I need to live in reality as well.

How about you guys? How’s life and writing going now? Are you still alive? lol

Hi there :slight_smile:

As you’re starting a Book Club, It looks like your thread is better suited to the Book Clubs section of the Story Services club. You can read about the Book Clubs category here. I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread there for you :blush:

Thanks for understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

Hollie - Community Ambassador

Yeah, I understand. Thank you :sweat_smile:

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No worries :hugs:

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Hey, Thanks for the message about this thread.
And I can say the same about being busy :sweat_smile:
Will try also to do 1-2 chapters a day on reading/commenting, depends on how busy I am for the day but will continue to read. :sweat_smile:

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You’re welcome :upside_down_face:

Thanks for tagging! I have a li’l bit confusion.

We’re supposed to complete 5 chapters of all the books in a week or…I mean, I seem to have lost my way around how to complete the proofreading and critiquing.

Hi I’m kinda new to the forum and I’m just wondering how you join bookclubs and all that.

You can find book clubs on here or on Wattpad (where a book club would have their own book). The rules for entering will be explained (they are different per club) on the medium they use the most regularly and it usually has a form to fill out if you want to become a member.

Being a member usually requires you to read a certain amount of chapters per week/month and sometimes comment on them or discuss them on the forums (and I believe this thread is an example of the latter).

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okay thank you!

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I believe the goal is to read 5 chapters total in a week, providing comments, and just go work through the books in order. Most of the current list are only a few chapters each. When you finish a book, put a comment on the “list book” so people know you are done.


No problem. Thanks for your help with mine as well.

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@ScottPhoenix is correct. To start, we set the minimum reading requirement at 5 total chapters a week.

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Still accepting members ?

I don’t know. Ask @SethAMott

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That’s great! Thanks a lot.

@SethAMott Got it! I just completed with two books in the list hence I was wondering if I should continue or stop 'til further announcement. But it’s good now. I’ll finish with the remaining ones. Thank you.