World Water Day 2019!


World Water Day is due 22 March 2019. Only weeks left to go! Let me hear your plans Wattpaders!


o-o I didn’t know there was a World Water Day o-o


Learn something new every day, right?


Yep xD


Hi GreekMyth welcome to the forum on World Water Day 2019. It is a perfect start you gave us! Yes, what is world water day? Let me explain …


Until our dying day. Learning … from womb to tomb …

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So let me explain what world water day is. You have heard about the United Nations, right? (Who haven’t?) Take a look at UN?

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Now the UN is the world’s leading organization that is entrusted with the task of taking pre-emptive measures against serious threats that challenge the existence of humanity … er … mankind. You are ok with that? Any questions?


World water day, eh? xD


Yeah, that’s right. On March 22. Are you ready for it?


What should i do for it?

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You can organize various activities to raise awareness about the importance of water :slight_smile: Here is what I am doing in Wattpad

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Ooh i see :o that’s a really nice cause there cx

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Thank you! Writers from US, Spain, Albania, Kenya, Nepal and India so far joined to raise awareness on World Water Day :slight_smile: which country are you?

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Amneris it is so nice to have you back :slight_smile:

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I try :slight_smile:

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Yep, it’s extremely important to save one of the most abundant and common chemicals in our universe.


Philippines cx not really sure what i can do tho lol

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Philippines? Wow there are so much water resources in that country! A Wattpader from Makilala started writing a waterday mini ebook for my project :slight_smile: Oh you can celebrate Waterday really well BloomedWilted :slight_smile:


You are right. Most common but abandoned :slight_smile: we do not think much about water because it’s so common :slight_smile:

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