Worst character ever (GAME)


Hey, I want to see what you guys come up with. So the whole point of this game is to create and write a description of a awful chracter.

The character obviously has to be the worst of the worst. Let’s see how your imagination goes. You can add comedy if you like.

I will start

Cage is in his 30’s, a loner and who despises everything. He loves tearing up teddy bears in his spare time lol.

He hates the sound of birds and nature in general. He finds cute things annoying. He likes breaking glass and loves a good karaoke.


Bloodye Shaydowe Ravynskulle Mur’dyre Blacke is one thousand years old but looks eighteen. She’s a suicidal emo who likes cutting and emo music, and is in constant competition with her school’s preps. Her eyes, one black and one red, both glow, and her black and red hair reaches down to the floor. She’s immortal and has incredibly pale skin but is not a vampire.

She hates literally everything and everyone, except her love interest, Popular-Canon-Character-Kun. She has killed millions of people but has somehow not been charged for this, but PCCK has given her the ability to feel. She is also a yandere and is good at everything, because she’s SPECIAL.

(Worse than Ebony yet?)


@NerdiAuthorGirl She’s sounds horrible lol. But still has some feelings.

I like the description as well😄


So I can make her bett- I mean, make her worse?


Loner Character #69, despite hating all of human civilization, is heavily loved and respected by their peers. They are high-key God, with powers that they could use to wipe out civilization, but they can’t get themselves to give a fuck and decides to murder everyone instead slowly and painfully. People still love them.

Also, they’re a widely famous YouTuber who goes by the name of XXDRAWWWWR666_420_69_LOLZ and is so fucking famous and yet can’t give a shit because they hate everyone - then suddenly, they hate everyone except one person, because theyre in high school and romance is a thing and I’m trying to be hip with the young youth. They like character’s in garbage relationships, right?

Also, they always wear black shit, have ebony black hair, constantly glowing black eyes, and is pretty much an edge lord, but people don’t care. They love them anyway.

(This whole thing physically hurt to type.)


I have been outdone! My Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way expy is not strong enough!


@NerdiAuthorGirl She is like the worst, don’t make her worser than that. But it’s good to she has abit of humanity in her. When I asked for worst character, it doesn’t necessarily mean a complete monster. It can have bad traits/ or worst traits, I mean look at mine lol
But you done well, I mean yours has killed millions, who can beat that lol


@eurekatheknight You made me laugh when you said it physical hurt to type. Your characters are so messed up, it’s like end of worlds meeting twilight with a famous social media account lol. It was great though, love to hear who they don’t hate…


Oh I was just trying for an edgelord. But I’ll make a worse character, like, literary-wise. I’ll make a Mary Sue… and not just any Mary Sue. The worst Mary Sue I can think of.


@NerdiAuthorGirl lol okay, can’t wait :joy:


nerdye angleplain is a invincubl godd!!! she has a teper adn getz agry easilee. her bakstori is that her parents abused her and wuldnt let her watch her anymies or playy poky mon so she kiled them and now she’s a godd and populer cannon caracter cun’s grillfiend. shes has suppermodl good loks and is relly relly nice and can doo no wong unlike the bulies at shool you suk tyler i hat u

adn shee eventully dys becus she be to god four dis sinfull erth


Angelical Summerstone Smitherson-Amberly is just your average everyday teenage girl. She has gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes that change based on her emotions and flawless skin and everyone loves her but she is totally frumpy looking because her hair is in a ponytail and she wears glasses. She’s also a genius because she reads books and stuff and has good grades. That is her only personality trait because character development is useless. Everyone knows that all readers care about are the hot bods and quasi-abusive relationships these days!

She is definitely not like those other girls, despite the fact that she is, essentially, a cardboard cut out of a vaguely girl-shaped creature. She doesn’t care about things like looks or popularity, because that is the only thing those other evil girls care about. She doesn’t fall for the hot guy’s charm until like, the third paragraph of the novel, so you know she has a strong will!

Oh, she’s also a licensed therapist, so if your a leather wearing motorcycle riding possessive bad boy with daddy issues, she is sure to fix you and maintain a toxic relationship with you. (You must have a hot bod, though. A British accent wouldn’t hurt either)


Rey Mendes is your average teenage girl, except the fact that she’s insecure about her body when she has a small waist, slim thighs, slim arms, gorgeous blonde hair that cascade down her body in waves and ocean blue eyes. she also has clear skin but she has to do more skin routine to make it clearer, y’know? she ties her hair up in a bun all the time and wears baggy clothes to hide her body. with good grades and a 4.0 GPA, rey is the top ten in her school, but she still thinks she’s super dumb.

enter theo jones, clad in black leather jacket, black shirt and black ripped jeans, a cigarette in one hand and smoke blowing out of his mouth, he also has an english accent. he also has family issues and drowns his sorrow in liquor and drugs. bad grades, a smoking hot bad boy and one average teenage girl, wHaT cOuLd pOsSibLy gO WrOnG???

of course, rey is definitely not like the other average girls even though i just mentioned she was an average teenage girl. she doesn’t care about popularity and status- she secretly does though so- and is the only one who can resist the bad boy, i know, shocker.

i mean, she only falls on the first paragraph, that’s got to be her highest record. she usually falls on the first word. so, what would a girl do when she sees a dangerous, mysterious bad boy?

usually, people would ignore him but no, this girl just has to provoke him and get him to spill all his secrets while she doesn’t tell him any of her secrets.

p.s. she’s scared of bikes but still gets on one because her love interest has a damn harley.

p.p.s theo and rey also have a toxic relationship like a certain couple on wattpad cough
no offence this is a joke mk
i- this writing is so cringey i cant


oh my god this is so good


I’m basing this off of the original backstory I had for this character. Ooh boy!

Carille is a dramatic teenage girl who goes on a summer vacation to a lost world with her almost-boyfriend. In the process, she ignores her almost-boyfriend, instead dating the guy that he introduced her to after knowing him for two days. After about a week, she goes crazy and decides to kill the entire town for no reason! But is that enough? Nooo. She uses her time travelling powers to go back and do it again! And again. And again. And again. Finally, her almost-boyfriend stops her by killing her, saving the town! But he’s so love-struck by her that her evil actions blinded him, so he forces a magical scientist to bring her back to life! Then she ends up dating him, but only after he defends her from the very, very angry townspeople. Also, while she’s dating him, his PTSD makes him go crazy and she locks him in an insane asylum. :’) THE END!

You see why I scrapped this story idea?


Okay, she is a PIECE OF SHIT.

I love it.


I loved it! lol


OMG!! Brilliant lol.
Like the twist of time travel




Alex is working as a maid in Peter’s house. She kills him, burns his house and lies to his elder brother that she is pregnant by Peter. She makes the elder brother believe that their younger brother has killed Peter. Also burns the elder brother’s house.
When the elder brother kills the younger brother for revenge, she tells their father that the elder one has killed both his brothers. Makes the father kill the eldest son. Takes all the money and flees.