Worst Cover Shop Ever (OPEN)


:clap: :joy::joy::joy: I’m sorry, this had me in stitches. But its actually not completely terrible.


The second one is better tho


LMAO You’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for! A small laugh. :wink:


Well you did your job and i thank you for that :grin:


That’s all pintrest + google can do tho. :joy::sob:


Haha - np. Hope you got a nice lil’ chuckle.


Well its better than what i would have come up with :joy:


Heh - I am trying to be creative. There are so many small details that make it hard to work with - as my computer continually freezes every now and then. But yeah - I can recommend some actual decent cover artisits if you’d like.


That would be great! Thanks


Also here is a slightly editing one - cause I realized that everything wasnt matching up. I’ll dm you them.


There you go!


amazing bump


title text is too dark, hard to see


yeah - I kinda see that now. c:




amazing bump




amazing bump


Title: Sword or feather
Subtitle (whatever that means): not necessary, but if you manage to come up with anything especially obnoxious then slap it on the cover
Author name: K.A.K.S
Genre: Fantasy? Sci-fi? who da f knows, i dont
Description: Maybe black and orange as colours, since the bird huuman hybrid things have black feathers with orange tips, the mood should be obnoxious or tries to be edgy and fails
Anything else: Good luck, if you are up for the challenge


Alrighty! I think I can get it done this evening. :wink: