Would I be stupid if ...

I’m almost 22 and never really known exactly what career I wanted to try for. I lose my dad’s health insurance when I’m 26 and my current job doesn’t offer it (Dunkin Donuts) and they’re also cheap and don’t pay a lot. I got kind of lucky.
I wanted to be a cop before so I was going to try for a Criminal Justice degree, but then I graduated high school (I was homeschooled, which didn’t help) and then I got a job at Tim Hortons and got stressed with that so I never went to a college or anything. I was thinking about it again and then it was shattered when coronavirus hit. My thing about being a cop is that I do have a license and a car, but I get lost like a 2 year old. That and I can’t run well.
Dunkin is now offering for a certain online college where I would have to pay only $5,000 for 1 year of school and they pay for the rest. I want to take advantage of this, so my question finally is …
Would I be incredibly stupid if I did the online schooling and got a degree in Criminal Justice, and THEN figured out EXACTLY what I want to do with the degree?
My fear would be that I fail because I fail everything, and also that I don’t do anything with it. Kinda already went down that road with a medical assistant certificate that I shouldn’t try to out to use.

I’m almost 22 too! (in August) and i just want to say to you, don’t be scared of failing! It sounds like you really want to get a degree in Criminal Justice and honestly, it also sounds like you have opportunity knocking on your door right now since they’re offering to help you out with college. I would say, speak to your parents, think about it seriously, but definitely consider going for it. This is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities and i genuinely feel it could change your life. I finish my degree this year (graduation is delayed because of corona) and i didn’t really know what i was going to do with it when i initially started, but you kind of figure things out as you go along, and i’m confident you will do the same!


I’m turning 21 next week, and I honestly have zero career planned out, or any plan except for pay off insurance debt, leave my parents’ house in a year.

Hi, also homeschooled.

Let me just stop you right there, because this is becoming way too familiar to me, and say that if you want to do a degree in a Criminal Justice, go for it and don’t let fear of failure stop you. You can do quite a few things with a criminal justice degree so if you decide not to be a cop, you can always find a career in another yet similar field of work. It would be hard not to jump on that kind of offer for college because you don’t really come across that very often in this economy. You can become a court or legal clerk, a detective, a security guard, or whatever. If you are 100% certain that this is a degree you want, pursue it. You are not stupid for getting a degree before deciding because I know so many people who wanted a career, got their degree, and changed their minds about their career.


I don’t think it’s stupid at all. I went into college right after high school and dropped out mid semester. Then took a year off, did college for two years working towards a degree ill never use. Now I’m in my fifth and final year and am discovering a million other opportunities that don’t revolve around my current area of study. Just go with the flow and whatever happens was meant to be :slight_smile:

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If you have the opportunity, go for it. I spent most of college not knowing what I wanted to do even though I was in the middle of getting a degree. Having a degree opens a lot of doors, even if you don’t know what all those doors are right now. I’d say go for it

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Thank you all!! :heart: I would have a longer response but I’ve had an exhausting day.
I appreciate all of you very much :pray::hugs::heartpulse:
I’m totally gonna do it! … I think


Hi there. I’m 45 and have both failed and succeeded quite a bit. So, listen to me. :wink: Seriously, only a handful of people really know exactly what they’re going to do with their degree before they get it. Getting the degree – the time and effort it takes – it’s part of the process of deciding what you’ll do with it. Opportunities will arise; your interest will grow in a particular area; dumb luck – anything can and will happen. All you need to do it keep your head down, be persistent, and get the degree. By the time you get it – if you’re serious about it – you’ll probably have a few routes you can go down with it.

If you’re afraid to fail (the vast majority of people are to one degree or another), then I suggest you have a good think on that. Figure out why and get a handle on it. Ain’t no shame in getting a few self-help books and having a go with that. Self improvement is literally exactly that, and why would anyone knock it? (Trick question! Answer: Because they themselves probably need some flipping’ self improvement.)

Side note: Stay healthy or get healthy. You’re probably going to go through a period of having no health insurance. Do it while you’re reasonably young and in decent shape. If you’re not in decent shape, get in decent shape. With the state of things as they are in US healthcare, taking care of your health is pretty vital if you want to get from here to the end of your life without 1) succumbing to a debilitating illness/disease, 2) debt, 3) bankruptcy, or 4) premature death. No joke. If you smoke, quit. If you drink too much, cut down. If you’re overweight, lose some. If you eat crap, stop it (except a little, as a treat). I promise, you will reach a point in your life when you will think back on this very conversation and you’ll get it.

There, look at that. Solved all your problems. :wink: Just kidding…seriously, good luck. Criminal justice sounds fascinating, and I imagine there are really a number of great things you could do with that. That has the potential to do some real good in the world. Go for it. :+1:

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Thank you so much ! :heart: I have health insurance until I’m 26 under my dad’s but that’s only a few more years and my mom has had me freaking out about making sure I get my y own by then some I was 14 :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:
I definitely want to do Criminal Justice! Thank you !

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