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This is my first post to any forum on Wattpad. So, if my feedback is invalid or has already been made or is just plain wrong, that’s why. But, after quite a long hiatus, I am using my account and there are a few things I would love to see modified/improved. For now, I’ll mention one. It seems (correct me if I’m wrong) that, whatever I add to whatever work I’m writing, the final view always defaults to blog format. I would really prefer my parts to appear like pages in an actual book with paragraph indentations, centered section breaks (***) and so forth. It is also important, to me, to be able to play with line spacing and tabs without a lot of extra steps. Especially, when I get around to publishing my poetry.
Is there any hope that these functionalities will be made available?
tagging @Azanthiel whom I see has posted about features before

Yeah, I’d love that, to be honest.

The mobile app does have an option for page view, but there is no real option for it on desktop. Kind of a shame, but probably for the best because it’s kind of weird on a big screen. Formatting might break on different sized screens or aspect ratios, resolutions, etc.

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Unfortunately Wattpad has a specific margin and formatting it differently messes it up. They would have to change a lot to make that happen and I don’t think it will any time soon. I wish it would though, and I wish that it would indent and have *** right in the dead center, but they don’t have that option at the moment, to be able to format the writing to indents and the like.

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