Would our MC's get along?

Here’s how the game works. I will write my MC’s name, age, gender and traits and you will tell me if your MC would be friends :two_women_holding_hands:with my MC. You also have to write down your MC’s name, age and traits as well.

When your finished the next person will reply to your comment, and say whether or not your MC would be friends :two_men_holding_hands:with their’s. Go it? :smiley:
You can also give a little feedback and thoughts on what you think of the character.

Title of Book: Pandemonium

Name: Francis S. Einstein
(Nick names: Franky, Pinkie, Frankenstein)

Age: 16 yo

Gender: Male

Traits: Franky is a little bit lazy but he’s also really smart too. He likes math and science and he even plays a few instruments, the violin and the piano. He’s really friendly and has a crush on this girl called Jenny who is his partner in the science lab. He has a 19 yo sister called Esther and a pet chicken (yes a chicken!:chicken:.) that he got from a friendly farmer a while ago called Marcia.

He’s not the most exiting MC but the idea of the story I’m writing is that it isn’t him by himself that makes the story cool. It’s the people around him and what happens to him that will hopefully suck readers in. So it’s kind of like: ordinary person in a crazy world kind of thing. And the world that he is sucked into is completely pandemonium.

So what do you think? Would my MC and yours be friends?


Name: Aila Pace
Age: 18 (acts like she is 10)
Gender: Female
Aila is a physcally strong young woman who lives on her father’s farm in another world with her adoptive sister. She is loyal to a fault because she puts the people she loves first always. She is also very hot tempered.
I"m not sure if our characters would get along because Aila chases chickens for fun. She enjoys terrorizing animals by chasing them, though one of her hobbies is being chased by the neighbors bull so it’s a little confusing. They also may not get along because you character seems intelligent, and frankly Aila can’t do simple math to save her life. She barely understands gravity.

Name: Abel Firefly
Age: 17 yo
Gender: Male
Traits: First word: A wildcard. Abel is a person who loves his friends so much. He has many benefits both for being a bestfriend and a boyfriend, but he’s also the type who gets envious and jealous very easy. Really loves to hear out other people’s sayings, either their telling their happiness or telling their sadness, but gets jealous when his friends ask for help to another person. Abel may not be the best in martial arts, but he is physically the strongest person in his gang, thus he also gets envious to someone who can fight better than him. He may not be the smartest person around, but he never gave up finding solution when his friends are in need of his help, thus he will immediately feel useless if someone found a solution faster and better than him. Not to mention that he also has a good looking face and not a few girls liked him for his nice personality. He maybe having difficulties falling in love with a girl, but once he does moving on to another heart won’t be an easy thing for him. Both real friends and a girlfriend is the highest tier of friends for him. Although his envy has the same value as his positive traits, his friends still calls him the greatest treasure in the world. Has earned the title champion in his region, but immediately got beaten by his bestfriend, Dean.

Well Abel is the type that gets along with any kind of person, so i think Abel and Aila would get along as friends. Abel would be even more interested being friends with Aila if she’s not very intelligent because Abel really loves helping others, but he maybe get really pissed off if Aila’s temper gets too hot.

Name: Madeline Short, a.k.a Shortie
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Traits: friendly, fun and bubbly and definitely not book smart.
She struggled to find a job after high school, specially now that aliens have invaded Earth and employment was ripped against the really normal ordinary ones. She ended up getting a job as a babysitter for an half-alien baby of a alien billionaire.
I think Shortie would have been friends with your Abel cause she needs help, she needs help alot. She is figuring out every as she goes along and so desperately needs all the advice that she can get. But I don’t think she will just sit by and let Abel be angry at her if she figures out sometime on her own or ask from someone else. She is a tough cookie after all, I mean she did call the richest man in the galaxy an idiot once, to his face.

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Name: Ruava Soule
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Traits: Kind, Semi-Quiet, Self Conscious, Over-thinker.
She’s a city guard in a country at war with itself, and takes pride in being able to keep her fellow people safe. She does a great job of it too, which is perfect for her since whenever she makes a mistake, she dwells on it for weeks. She’s a total empath, able to put herself into other’s shoes like she’s been living their life, and is pretty sensitive toward others and sensitive about herself.

I think she would enjoy occasionally hanging out with Madeline, but Maddie’s extroversion is a bit too much for Ruava to handle for too long. Madeline would be good for Ruava to let off some steam after a busy and stressful work week, but not someone she’d want to see everyday.

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Name: Amneris Topanga
Age: 5018
Gender: Female
Traits: Troublemaking, loyal, fierce, can be quiet
She’s Queen of Lyriumia and a member of the Multiversal Council, though far from one who you would think is a leader. She loves causing trouble and fighting. She is a strong fighter, even being the one who sealed away the Dark King (long story) before becoming immortal (longer story). She also loves to spend time with her family and friends but longs for a normal life, despite people saying how amazing hers is.

I’m not sure if Amneris and Ruava would be great friends. Though, since Ruava seems to also be a fighter, Amneris would respect her as an equal and - if necessary - help her if called.

Name: Cain Alcatraz
Age: 17 yo
Gender: Male
Traits: Cold, has less friends but very loyal to them, will be suspicious and quiet at first, but will be open and easy going after being friends.
He lost his parents since he’s 2 years old and then being adopted by the Alcatraz Orphanage, he was given the name “Cain” by his parents, but his family name “Alcatraz” was given by the chief of the Alcatraz Orphanage, so nobody knows his family name before his parents died including Cain. At first he’s just being a total jerk to his friends, but then he puts faith and trust his remaining friends that survived from the poisonous gas attack in his school by an unknown company that made most of the school members died. After “graduating” from his school, he then became a thief that steals for his revenge to the company that got his entire school killed. He is a quite strong swordsman and he will not hesitate to kill if his friends are in danger.

I kinda doubt Cain and Amneris will be “friends” knowing that Amneris is a queen with a happy family and Cain’s just a thief who only has 2 friends and being seperated by his orphanage, but he’ll be much of a loyal servant to Amneris if he feels comfortable by being with her.


Name: Shiloh Faintes
Age: seventeen
Gender: Male
Traits: Nobody really understands how Shiloh’s mind works. He gives off a direct, agitated vibe without meaning it. At an outsiders view, he may seem repulsive and remind you of the cliche high school bully, but if you met him you’d learn he’s not like that. He’s quite educated and actually spends most his time curled up in the library. He struggles to clearly show his emotions, so he just seems to show it through aggression. He was raised by his Aunt and older sister, due to his mother passing away and having never known his father. However, his backstory never really bothered him and he’d literally throw himself at anyone who mocked his family because of his love for them. He gets very passionate over a few subjects and everyone who knows him recognizes not to argue with him.

I think Cain and Shiloh would tolerate each other. I can definitely see them getting into a few fights, but overall I think they may be able to be friends. Shiloh doesn’t really get close with people, as he already has his little friend group, but Cain would probably be one of those “friend-acquaintances” due to them being the same age and having some similarities


Title of Book: The Deep Within

Name: Detective Jensyn

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Traits: Det. Jensyn is a highly devoted and exceptionally skilled Detective. Formerly a member of the NIB (Northern Investigation Bureau) before leaving the organization in 2003 due to personal reasons, Jensyn was often described as rather emotionally distant and cold, stoic and often somewhat abrasive and occasionally aggressive by his colleagues. He notably had little social life beyond the NIB and had the highest closing record for his cases of any NIB Agent currently living prior to his departure. Even as a Private Investigator, Jensyn is still noted as having never had a case he couldn’t solve, even if he would otherwise disagree and likely cite his 2001 Alberta murders case. Jensyn is an orphan and a Psychic, the reason why he was recruited into the NIB by mentor and mother-figure and fellow Psychic and Agent Esther Solheim at a very young age. Like Esther, Jensyn has proven to be far more than just a simple dime store scam artist as a real Psychic Detective utilizing his seemingly supernatural abilities coupled with his keen sense of intuition and high intelligence as a high-functioning autistic to solve most cases that find their way to his desk. Formerly a gang member in his youth as an orphan growing up in the Northern Ontario Catholic Boys Homes prior to Esther finding him, Jensyn is extremely antisocial and is highly skilled in both gunplay and hand-to-hand combat, holding a black belt in Krav Maga and a blue belt in the MC-MAP techniques. He has a strong liking of both spiders (especially Tarantulas) and cats (of which he currently has 3: The Abominable Richard Bronson, Mr. Mittens and Mr. Bigglesworth) as well as being a big fan of classical opera, ballet, poetry and plays and despises dogs and snakes and hates both rock and rap with a passion. Jensyn was born in 1980.

I would highly doubt that Jensyn would get along with Shiloh, if not just for the sheer fact that being around a teenager would annoy the hell out of him. Jensyn isn’t very social to begin with and it sounds like his personality would clash quite a bit with that of Shiloh. On the other hand, it seems pretty likely that Jensyn would arrest Shiloh if he ever came to Canada between 1997-2003, 2005-2012 or 2017-2024 (the periods at which Jensyn was a Special Agent in the fictional Canadian NIB (Northern Investigations Bureau) and would’ve been able to arrest a suspect, not that he wouldn’t also be inclined to pull a citizen’s arrest on Shiloh while he was a Private Investigator).

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Book title: NUMBER Z

Name: Z (pronounced Z)

Age: 17

Gender: female

Traits: Z was passed of an American government genetic experiment programme called the Decima Programme. It took children to form war-torn countries who wouldn’t be noticed and smuggled them into the country. These children were subjected to gene editing experiments. Some “subjects” died, others became hideously is formed and lost their minds. Z was one of the lucky ones. She was the sole survivor and spent most of her life isolated from the outside world. She was trained as a weapon and used as one. Her mutation is two long Wolverine-like claws in each hand and foot. She also has increased healing and heightened senses.

Z was trained in martial arts and most weapons, as well as languages, computers, explosives, anything the government could think off. She used her skills to kill herself out of the facility she was kept in and is now seeking revenge.

As a person Z is reclusive. She is not a team player. She does not trust people. She insults anyone who crosses her and is not afraid to use threats or violence. She comes across as cold and heartless to most people. She is extremely determined, nothing and nobody can stop her once her mind is made up. She struggles with depression. She makes sarcastic quips all the time, but is a quick thinker and great in a crisis.

I think that Z would respect Jensyn for his skills, but she wouldn’t treat him as a friend. They would make a great team in a fight, but apart from that they seem to have little in common. She would trust him to work with but outside of that she’d be cold to him. But she would know that he would most likely turn her over to the authorities for being and escapee and a murderer. Or just try to kill her himself.

Actually gotta be honest, while 1995-2003 era Jensyn would likely seek to arrest her and turn her in both for her origins and her actions, post-2003 Jensyn (after the events of the yet-unreleased Killers), would likely just seek to kill her since he no longer believes in the justice system but rather his own justice after that.

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Fair enough, I mean that’s basically what Hunter would do in that situation

Name: Tara Fullmetal
Age: 17 yo
Gender: Female
Traits: Key: Her happiness is the world’s happiness. Tara is a beautiful girl from Eastwind Town. She has the brightest smile, she’s the most cheerful person in the gang, when she’s happy, everyone near her should be happy as well, but unfortunately if she’s sad, the world will also become sad, but don’t worry, a little pinch of help from her friends may rise her cheerfulness again! About 95% guys who met her will fall in love with her in the first sight, and 80% guys will keep on loving her. Not only the guys, the girls will also love her personality and will fight to be her bestfriend so bad. She loves listening to other people’s chat, she’s also very supportive on almost everything either in the active way or in the passive way. Well sometimes she can be very dumb in some situations, she also can’t do almost every school subjects learned in her school, but she’s the master of every sports (except martial arts because she can’t fight and chess because she’s an idiot). If you recruit her in your sports team, she can be either the player or the cheerleader, choices are on your hands.

Well maybe Tara will have a lot of difficulties for befriending Z, but her determination of loving friends won’t betray her and she will never give up befriending someone like Z. I don’t know if Z will be those girls who’d want to be best friends with Tara so bad, but Tara will always be ready to accept Z as her friend when the time comes.

Name: Mary Elizabeth “Mimi” MacAlistair-Castleton alias The New Little Princess/La Nueva Princesita alias The Altrincham Cat
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Traits: She is always grinning (like the Cheshire Cat) or giggling, always has the best of intentions even when everyone thinks she is terrible, intelligent (except at Maths), a piano/songwriting prodigy, bilingual (Spanish and northern English), a crack shot with her derringer when she has to be (only in self-defence) and to her friends . . . one of her first songs was “The love of a friend is worth more than money The love of a friend is sweeter than honey You’ll never get it from anyone else, in your family or from your lover Because a friend’s love is special To you from your friend”.

Both Tara and the Princess are happy people, who like to make the world happy (the Princess says that is why she became a star) so I think they might get along well, despite the age difference. The Princess would be like Tara’s little sister. A lot of the Princess’ friends, like Anthony, the President of Guatemala and later the President of America, are older people who give her a lot of support: I think Tara would be like that. The Princess can’t play chess or do martial arts either but she can lie on the beach with Tara, sing and rap with her, play street football (the Princess loves to do pannas) and fly papillotes (kites) over the sea.

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Cheers for the like, Alterune!

Yes, my character would love the Princess. They’re both very happy, love songwriting. The Princess would be someone who my character would love to babysit. She would think the Princess is so talented, especially for someone being so much younger than her. My character would love learning about the Princess and sharing their hobbies and passions.

Name: Lesley Parker
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Traits: She’s happy go lucky, cheerful and outgoing. She is able to see the light in every dark situation. She is always willing to sacrifice something to help out. She loves being friends with everyone. She loves songwriting and poetry, and English is her favourite class. She definitely wouldn’t consider herself as the smartest person ever, but she would consider herself smart enough to get into college. She loves reading, anything that gets her mind working and learning. She also loves gymnastics and cheerleading. That’s the reason she is so small😂

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Yes, I agree. Princess is tall for her age and Lesley is small: might be perfect!

Here’s the meeting, as I conceive it:

Princesisto: Meet Lesley, your new child-minder.

Princess: I’m not really a child, I’m just age-challenged. It’s not me fault. Don’t really need a minder.

Princesisto: Yes, yes, sure. Well, say Hello.

Princess: So, then.

Princesisto: Lesley, that’s Manchester language for “You can talk, I’m listening now, what’s been going on?” Princess, Lesley’s a songwriter too.

Princess: Really? There’s hope for her!

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Title of Book: Unrequited Love

Name: Jason Scott
(Nick names: Jase)

Age: 19 yo

Gender: Male

Traits: Jason is sneaky and sly. He has the capacity to love but is influenced by role models that he has had in his past. He creates soulless competitions based on games that he feels he should be playing. He shows breaks in his persona when he shows that he cares about people beyond the normal line of duty.

He’s searching for redemption and I hope he’s going to get it.

I love it! It was meant to be!

My MC wouldn’t judge or look down on Aila for not knowing a lot a stuff. In the book I’m writing Franky is going to make friends with this guy called Alex who has dyslexia and is kind of anger-prone but despite their differences neither of them looks down on the other.