Would this be the pitch help forum?


I’m not really sure what category asking for query help would fall under. I have two I’m not sure about.


Yes, Improve Your Writing could work!


Writer services would probs to work, too.


I’m actually half way tempted to have a friend write a blurb for me, but I need to learn the skill at some point. But it doesn’t seem like something I’ll ever get right.


For query help - Industry Insider is the club for you. I’d suggest that you take this to the original clubs for the moments as they’re are a lot of folks there willing to help


I definitely advocate writing the blurb yourself and just having someone help you clean it up. You need the blurb to reflect the same writing style that will be in the book and you can only do that if you’re the one who writes it.


Thanks. I seemed to have reached my thread limit, so I’ll move the thread tommorrow.^ ^