Would you be interesting in a writing megathread?



  • What’s that?
    A series of threads that will explore every aspect of writing, like an interactive writing helpbook!

  • What would these threads provide?
    Advice and tips from advanced writers, possibly interviews, Q&A’s, useful resources (both Wattpad and published books, as well as articles), motivation and more! More could possibly be stuff like writer’s block or even publishing.

  • Who would provide those?
    This is where you guys come in! Such a thread will need multiple contributors (advanced writers) as well as newbie writers interested in learning.

  • Would it be limited to newbie writers?
    Of course not! But the first thread will cover the basics of writing, so yes that’s probably more useful to newbies.

  • What will the other threads provide?
    As I said, they will cover every aspect of writing, such as outlining, character making, world building and so on!

  • Who would manage such a huge thread?
    I am willing to make the threads, and in every few posts I could combine all the useful information of your comments in one post for easy access so users don’t have to read through every single comment.

  • Will this exist in the old clubs?
    Possibly. I could have two versions in both the old and the new clubs and so the one post where I’d combine useful information would contain info from both threads. But that would be much harder for me to manage.

However, none of this will ever happen if nobody is interested in it. That would be a waste of time. So…

Are you interested?

  • Yes
  • No

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If yes, what would you like to be?

  • Contributor (Offer advice)
  • Member (Ask for advice)
  • Both

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Please do mention if you have any questions or issues! I may have not thought of possible obstacles.

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This sounds like an amazing idea!


I’m glad you think so :smiley:


I’m still a bit confused though. what exactly will we do? like, simple things such as “your/you’re” and “its/it’s”? or like in-depth writing things


In-depth writing things :slight_smile: The basics (first thread) will cover briefly everything you need to write a novel, like an introduction almost. I may however change it from a basics to something else more specific because it is too generic.


I almost feel like the incredibly basic parts such as the difference between there/they’re/their are just basic parts of the English language, and anyone interested in writing a book should already have a good grasp of basic grammar.


Yes that’s true.


that is true, but sadly, that is rarely the case on Wattpad


yeah unfortunately :upside_down_face: I think because the users are younger and sometimes English isn’t their first language or they’re not good at it.


I am younger and English isn’t my first language… If you try hard enough and want to learn, you can get English down in no time


Yes of course there are exceptions :slight_smile: I’m the same.


Is it kind of like a giant “ressource” thread. Like the threads they have that offer critiques, writing buddies, editors, etc. But all collected into this thread


No, I wouldn’t say that. It would be mentioned that the help desk exists, but it focus more on questions like, how do I outline my story? What methods are there? How do I make good & realistic characters? How do I expand my vocabulary? How do I avoid cliches? What are some important elements I need to include when creating a fictional world? And so on. It could include people mentioning something specific from their story and getting answers, but it wouldn’t be the same. Also I don’t think we’re allowed to ask from people to edit or beta read our story unless we go to the help desk. These clubs are still being beta tested so the rules are more loose, but I’ve seen on the old clubs people’s posts being removed and asking them to go to the help desk instead. (Since asking people to check our story, for feedback or not, is not allowed)


I said “both” because whether I’m advanced or newbie is kinda subjective. We could also have areas of expertise while being less experienced in other aspects.

For example, I’m not published or degreed, I’ve just been writing a long time. I’m pretty good at giving advice on POV or style, but I couldn’t give advice on outlining (I don’t do it) or publishing (I haven’t done it.)


Im def interested in hearing more. I think this could be neat. Kinda like a combo between a writers help profile and a thread. Are you imagining somthing like the writers resources? We sorta have a sim concept in the clubs right now but this could be interative perhaps? Thats what im kinda wondering about. In the thread we have now, it has resources. When you make a thread with resources its hard to ALSO makeit be interactive since then the resources get kinda lost in the chat. Thats why profiles tend to be a bit better for this sort of thing but I’d love to hear more on what you are imagining and how it would be diff from other help threads people run


Its ALWAYS subjective. Id say someone is “advanced” if they have completed some books and have a good handle on some craft stuff. But EVERYONE could use help from time to time. Even Stephan King has beta readers and an editor I’m sure hehe




I’m glad you’re interested! Right now I’m imagining it’ll work like this:

  • The thread will cover a specific aspect of writing, let’s say world building.
  • It will start with people asking what they’d like to know about world building, along with the basic questions. For example, a basic question is “What IS world building and why is it important?” and a more specific one is “If the plot is unaffected by politics, do I still need to include that they at least exist?”
  • Contributors will offer answers to the questions as well as general advice and also references to books or threads that talk about world building
  • I’ll try to find some related writers to interview on the topic and post their answers [not sure if I will definitely include this]
  • I will later make another post with all the highlights of the conversation so far [Not sure if I will definitely include this]


Resources could also possibly include published books that portray very well a specific aspect of writing. For example some fantasy story or sci-fi that has a really well thought out world, or a book with well written internal monologue etc.
They always say read more books & write a lot, right? Well, which books?


@FetchingPenumbra Is there anything you would need help with now, that we can do? Or, I mean, do you need time to think about things for a while?