Would you get along with the character above? Yes or no?

Take a character from your story. It can be any character you want.
Do Not Rate The Characters.

To play it is simple: the person above will list their character’s name and tell a bit about them. The person below will state whether or not they would get along with the character above then post their character. The game goes on and on.

Note: You do not have to go into full detail about the character if you don’t want to. It is optional. Though I would like it if you keep it short.


Person A: John Doe-

John tends to be smartass most of the time but other times he is simple-minded. He loves to play pranks on people when he shows his mischievous side. John really likes Sarah even though she has mixed feelings about him. Still, John can be a kind-hearted person when he wants to be. Yet John does what he can to make people happy and help them out…sometimes.

Person B:
I don’t think I would like John regardless if he is nice sometimes.

Mary Smith-

Mary can be a kind, sweet, and caring girl who loves helping random people out more than helping herself. She cares deeply about people and is so much of a people person. Her sister Helen feels that she cares too much about strangers and non-strangers alike more than herself. Mary cares little about her wellbeing and self since other people are more important to her.

Person C:

Mary is way too nice for liking. Although her caring about other people admirable, it is too much for one person to even do.

Larry Clark-

Larry is the type of guy who would rather spend time with his dog than with another human being. He hates people with a passion and tries to distance himself from people every chance he gets. Even talking to people gives him anxiety and makes him want to scream internally. Larry cares deeply about animals and treats them better than any human being. When it comes to humans, Larry is a major jerk though when it comes to animals he is a kind and generous soul.

My Turn:

Felix Bjorn-

Felix might come off as a cheerful and friendly guy, but that is just a front to hide that he suffers from an abundance of different issues that have personally affected him. After losing his family and becoming a slave who had to fight for his freedom, Felix tries to live his life in the best way possible. His real personality is that he is much colder, viciously blunt, and apathetic towards others. Having had a hard and brutal life has made him rough inside but on the outside, he shows to be a friendly, happy, and polite.


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Personally, I’d get along really poorly with Felix because I don’t like dishonest people or those that are too nice.

Neal M.

He’s quiet, introverted, and socially awkward with everyone outside of his family and his only friend. He’s unsure about his future and is under confident about his decisions. On top of that, he’s dishonest about his emotions and hides his vulnerabilities and insecurities in the diary that he writes. However, he’s smart and has got a deep sense of empathy and strong sense of loyalty towards others. Also, he’s got a streak of selflessness and an urge to help others that will prove to be beneficial and dangerous during the apocalypse.


Neal seems all right. I could probably try and see if I could get along with him.

My Turn:

Avangelina Orion-

Avangelina is a calm, laid-back, and sarcastic girl who has a sworn duty to her job which allows her to defeat things in the dark. Being the daughter of an extremely wealthy family, has made her resent her father along with stepmother and pity her mother. The only person she cares about is her older brother who is dealing with an illness that could be cured if his father cared enough. Although Avangelina is a sassy girl who doesn’t tolerate crap from no one, she happens to be caring and kind to some degree. Yet most of the time she trying to destroy monsters and an empire with too many secrets.


Anybody else???

I’d get along even worse with Avangelina than Felix. I feel super uncomfortable around really sarcastic people.

Mira M.

She’s rebellious and independent, unyielding to her more conservative father, leading to a partial estrangement from her family with her brother, Neal, as her only link. She’s honest and will always speak her mind and is persistent, never giving up on what she wants to discover and find. Sometimes, she can do things without thinking and act recklessly and dangerously during the apocalypse, and she and her father bicker a lot. However, she’s loyal, empathetic, and smart, and is someone Neal goes to when he wants to confide a secret.


I do not have to read any further, I liked her, reminds of a friend, would get along with her lol (I’ll still read the rest but this convinced me)
Reading the rest just re-assured my position lol

Alfonso Rivera

He’s basically a dictator. Born on 2002, founder of the Change Party in 2017, graduated in law in 2025, started a coup the same year, imposed a dictatorship on Chile where he was Supreme Leader, started WW3, conquered 3/4 of the world, and is attributed at least 1 billion deaths because of the war


Sorry but I would absolutely hate him. I personally have vendetta against people who just tell people what to do and expect them to do it.


Although he is nice to his close friends, he is often viewed as intimidating and cold. From a young age, he was taught to be a strong fighter and leader. The only time when he really showed his age was when he was playing with his bests friends little sister until she disappeared one day and he became the cold and harsh politician with a very cynical view of the world.


Fair and expectable

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Depends really, experience births action. Everything falls within a sense of reason, though how this reason portrays itself makes way for endless possibilities. So it will really depend on their moral.



Originally someone who lived a content life, eventually falling into despair. One who embraces their imperfections and selfish desires, becoming an abomination. Eventually being branded an Iconoclast, ultimately becoming the enemy of the Nine Worlds, all for the chance to grasp their selfish desires. Even through this, the strife they endure, their soul eternally in bondage, they still maintain their soft heart. Conflicting on the inside, but a strong resolve on the outside. They are driven, and this in itself serves as a means for them becoming the embodiment of the seven sins. Despite such, they will continue to reach out, grab hold, and move forward. Shouting their soul. Those who come before her are destined to be eternally lower. Eventually becoming a legend, and leaving an eternal scar upon all of the Nine Worlds. Intelligent and usually calm, but at times can lash out in her sorrow. Often known as a great leader, an invaluable friend to those around them, but even more so than that, an enemy to almost everyone.

Nope. I would not get along with him at all. I wonder who would? Does he have any redeeming qualities? Does he love his family or cuddly puppies or lasagna?


She’s a frightened and lonely young girl. Her Birthstar is the second highest star in the Ly Kai Hierarch, but it has never answered her prayers. She is afraid that she will be the last person left alive in the isolated tower where her people took refuge after her uncle betrayed and abandoned them on an alien planet. He also killed all the women and children, so for sixteen lonely years she has lived with the angry, resentful old men who wonder why she survived when their families all died. Rebellious and frustrated, she wants them all to go out and explore the world around them, but the men refuse to budge. They just hate her more.

He loves his family yes. Also all his followers get along with him. He’s married to his Supreme General of the Army, Fabiana, and his best friend is the second in command of the Party. They are all considered genocidal maniacs by history though

LOL I think we’ve seen a few of these people. Depending on how you represent his feelings for his family and friends, and his motivation of his actions, he might end up being an anti-hero or villain readers could like. It might be tough, though! People do like the Joker and Harley Quinn.

His motivation is that of “liberating the world”, he is a fanatical religious person who knows how to manipulate people in his favor. He thinks he’s basically sent by God to repair the world from all evil. He believes himself to be the second incarnation of Jesus. He also believes himself to be the greatest hero of history. That’s why I gave him the worst punishment for him: To be remembered as a villain, like a tyrant on par of Hitler, in the eyes of history

Yep. I can see that. Sounds interesting.

It’ll take lots of time getting to know Kaphri due of the trust issues she has which can be understood after all what she has experienced. Over time we could get along. I have lots of patience.

George - Fan of Scandinavian culture. He likes musicians like Bathory. He is very honest. He will call you out if you do something wrong. His insults get worse the more he likes you so expect to be called a cyka bljat. He seems rough and stupid from the outside but the more you get to know him the more you realize how much of an emotional thinker he is. He loves Chinese food and he’s very loyal. His humour is quite sarcastic.

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What meaning does the name ‘Kaphri’ have?

None. Just the name I chose for her. I looked it up one time on the internet. I think it is also a jewish word, but I don’t remember what the definition is.

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It’s an interesting choice to name your character like that tho.