Would you like to enter my awards?

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Are you unrecognized? Would you like the chance of winning a contest? Well, I have the perfect thing for you! The Galaxy Awards!


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Does the story need to be completed to be entered, or can it be a work in progress?


It can be a work in progress :slight_smile: Check out the book for more info

Okay, thank you! :smile:

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Very quick and probably dumb question, my story is a gay romance. Is LGBT specifically dealing with stories about LBGT issues, or just anything starring LGBT characters?


LGBT can be both. I would prefer that your main character is LGBT and the plot focuses on that, but you can place your story anywhere that it can go.

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Yeah, both the main characters are gay guys lol. More I guess just, the focus is more on the relationship between them than, say, dealing with societal aspects of being gay, at least at the moment, and I know that makes a difference for some.

Probably just gonna throw it in romance.

Ok :slight_smile:

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Hello there!

Story Request is the place to request specific stories from others. It seems that your thread is more fitting for the #story-services:writing-contests-competitions club. I am going to move your thread there :blush:

Thank you for understanding!


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Hey just wanted to know if i can enter even though i have entered the ewa2019 awards?

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Yes, you may!

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Username: writemyheartout75
Title: midnight memories
Chapters: 16 (not including prologue)
Status: #15 in finding yourself (is this what you mean cause I’m not sure)
Genre: teen fiction
Password: ? I’m confused u want my wattpad password

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